Vibrant Backyard Wedding Turned Whimsical Garden Party Inspiration With Splashes of Orange and Red

From Hannah, the photographer:

“This shoot features a unique twist on an intimate, small backyard wedding and takes place in one of the most beautiful gardens in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Full of cascading trees, flowers, and vines, this shoot shows off rich colors and adds a fun but elegant element to a backyard wedding.

We feature a Miraval Rosé from France along with colorful fruits decorating the table and cake. I also love how our stylist designed the napkins in a flower-like shape on top of the plate for something a little different. Our dress was the perfect addition with its classy sparkle along with the vintage lace veil. It was originally sleeveless but we took care to add the off-the-shoulder sleeves to demonstrate a simple DIY feature that adds so much!

Our florist was amazing and did several different floral pieces including two centerpieces, a bouquet as well as a floral arrangement in the tree, and on the back of the garden chair. I felt this really added and complemented the garden.

This inspiration is a great combination of dressing up a casual backyard wedding to create elegance with small details and easy ideas for a touch of uniqueness. I love how it is vibrant yet still soft and romantic as well as moody and intimate.”

Photographer: Hannah Victoria Photography | Stylist and Cake: Abigail Torres | Florist: Garden of Eden | Ring: The Land of Salt | Location: Private Gardens in Coeur d’Alene Idaho | Dress: David’s Bridal | Model: Laura Lango