Awesome Etsy Wedding Finds: Cake Toppers

People are so creative and unique on Etsy that you can get just about anything you can think of including cake toppers!

While Etsy has thousands of wedding-related items, we decided to spend some time picking our favorites. Today, we’re bringing 12 wedding cake toppers to the forefront. Let’s dive in and snag some beautiful bouts of inspiration for what we want to top our dream cakes with!

There are many styles to choose from. You’ll be sifting through crystal monogram cake toppers perfect for a vintage wedding theme, traditional ​Mr. & Mrs. Last Name cake toppers, fully personalized wedding cake toppers, cursive cake toppers, handmade custom initial and monogram wedding cake toppers as well as funny and romantic cake toppers too. The options are endless!

While we love traditional, we can’t help but fall in love with some of the more humorous or personalized designs. Here are our favorites on Etsy.

12 Etsy Wedding Cake Toppers

Custom Acrylic Topper | Acrylic Design For You | $12.99+

Traditional with a hint of modern, this topper will fit within plenty of couples’ wedding day visions. More than affordable too, it’ll fit a plethora of budgets as well. It’s easy to customize your color and name within this particular design as well.

Rustic Heart Topper | Manta Makes Ltd. | $18.16

For those looking for a rustic option, here is a wooden heart that fits the bill. It aligns well with the farmhouse trend and can be personalized with the happy couple’s names. It’s an easy one to save as a keepsake as well.

Acrylic Mr. & Mrs. Topper | Love Stuck Lettering | $30+

For something ultra-modern, go for the clear, acrylic designs. We love this geo-cut “Mr. and Mrs.” design. It looks beautiful on a minimalistic cake but will fit with more intricate or artistic creations nicely as well.

Cowboy Silhouette Topper | Special Design For You | $14.99

On Etsy, you can find a lot of designs that match personalities or add humor to the mix. This cowboy silhouette is subtle and sweet, adding to a couples’ style with slight ease. Top off the wedding cake or the groom’s cake – whichever you’d prefer.

Better Together Topper | the Duo Studio | $15+

Sometimes a bit of romance is in order. These calligraphy-oriented toppers are nice because you can display a “tone” throughout the design. This “better together” piece could be a nod to your favorite Jack Johnson song or just a simple, sweet message you’d like to send.

Modern Monogram Topper | Best Wedding Designs | $24

Here’s another modern piece that we instantly swooned for. It has a modern art essence and definitely fits the bill in the wedding trend world. It’s minimal but has enough of a presence to still create a focal point for the reception.

LOVE Topper | LVLYxxx | $27+

Loving love is nice, but these kinds of designs are also nice to pay homage to your home or favorite places. This “LOVE” designs make us think of the streets of New York City and all its contemporary glory – what about you?

Happily Ever After Topper | LVLYxxx | $30.45

Similar to its “better together” predecessor, this “Happily Ever After” topper creates that same tone. It’s personalized and romantic, and the beautiful font will align well within a night that has a bit more of a formal tone. Look for it in gold, rose gold, or silver.

Batman Silhouette Topper | Acrylic Designs For You | $12.99+

This design has a more personalized essence as well. Who loves a good superhero? Know that you can sift through Etsy and find pieces that really speak to who you are and what you love – together – as a couple. Even if it’s Batman!

Giraffes Topper | The Princess Pops | $38

You can go as far as to find a matching set of giraffes in love for your topper. Was your first date at the zoo? Did you get engaged on safari? Do you just love giraffes? Whatever the case, know that you can find even the most unusual of designs through Etsy.

Star Wars Topper | Bliss By Bravo | $19.99

Who loves movies? Because you can find toppers that nod to those too. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re really in luck because there are a plethora of designs to sift through and find the right, smile-inducing fit.

Industrial Wire Monogram | LeRusticChic | $24.99

And finally, another modern design that pays homage to the trend of modern art. Also a bit industrial, we love this handmade wiring. Check out similar designs made with copper!