Authentic Rustic Wedding in Tuscany

In the beautiful, rustic, and absolutely perfect location of Tuscany, Italy, Yasmine, and Jason held their stunning wedding like no other. Through the entirety of the event, the couple and their guests were surrounded by vineyards, rolling hills, and lush greenery as far as the eye could see. All of these aspects created the most spectacular backdrop for both the ceremony and reception, all moments captured by Facibeni Fotografia. Even with the struggle of planning a wedding overseas, such as designing a Jewish ceremony, the menu, the music, and decorations, Yasmine and Jason were able to make their wedding day run smoothly while creating lasting memories.

Yasmine wore an elegant dress with a low cut back and detailed lace. The simplicity of her dress perfectly fit in with the simplicity of the couple’s surroundings, nature, the stone buildings, and the abundant green floral arrangements. Yasmine paired her gorgeous dress with soft pink heels, and she accessorized with dainty jewelry and a floral hairpiece. Jason wore a deep blue tuxedo to contrast from all of the greenery, while still following the natural color theme.

On top of the spectacular setting and attire were even more spectacular memories, the most special being the emotional first look. The laid-back aperitif, heartfelt reception speeches, Jewish chair dance, bride and groom photo sessions, and, of course, the ceremony itself all came together to create special memories that Yasmine and Jason would never forget.