Ashley Beyer + How to Build your Instagram Following

Instagram has become one of the greatest sources of inspiration. By the scroll of a finger you have access to full portfolios of various vendors which makes finding your wedding vendors worlds easier.

There is more to instagram than just a feed of beautiful photos. A cohesive look and feel is essential for a feed that makes me click follow the second they land on your page.

1. Never use Instagram filters. The more natural and crisp the photo, the better! Interesting light is what makes beautiful photography and the iPhone does a pretty incredible job. If you’d like to apply light fingers, I recommend using VSCO cam. Try and use similar filters to all of your photos so they have a cohesive look and feel, but never use the filter at full capacity.

2. Post often! Posting once a week isn’t enough to grow or even keep an audience. For businesses, try and post at least once a day and make that image count! I often set up vingettes of my florals for Instagram photos, a clean backdrop, good negative space is always key.

3. Don’t post just to post. It’s definitely okay to post old work, but don’t continually post photos from the same shoot over and over. Always be creating new content for yourself. Instagrammers like new and fresh content.

4. If you are a business owner, don’t get personal (very often). As a business owner you need to maintain a level of professionalism on your social media accounts. It’s best to always keep your best foot forward as potential clients are certainly looking to your Instagram as an indication of whether or not they should hire you. I say (very often) for a reason. Yes you should maintain professionalism, but your business is you! Don’t feel that you can’t post a beautiful photo of something personal in your life on occasion, people like to know that you are a still a person behind the Instagram feed. Make sure that your Instagram account at the end of the day is an extension of YOU.

5. Collaborate. Collaborating with other vendors helps you gain new perspectives, gives you new beautiful content and it also helps gets your company in front of new followers who may not have heard of you before.

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