Antique Cadillac Adds Classic Style to Unique Engagement Shoot Featuring Red, Green, and Neutral Tones



From Angela Lara, the Photographer:

“‘Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives.’ – Chris Bangle

Modern cars have been the norm for so long that when we see an older model, it immediately catches our attention. This 1930 Cadillac is a classic addition to any engagement or wedding day and adds in a realistic touch of style.  All the enjoyment of the calm ocean breeze and a relaxing drive along the coast set the narrative to this fearless and polished session. Shot off the coast of Virginia, the soft beach tones complimented the unexpected antique model car. Designed with a sophisticated look with linen and cotton fabrics; this inspiration is simplicity with a breath of fresh air and a good storyline. Accenting all the looks with organic textures, rich tones and vivid lighting embodied the afternoon to an early evening event.”

Bride and Groom: Tess and Nick | Photographer: Angela Elise | Dress/Outfit Designer: Adorne Vintage | Bridal Earrings: Stil Works | Shoes: Gianni Bini | Videography: John Lara with Angela Elise Photography