An Evening with Freixenet

The story doesn’t end after the ceremony, and it’s easy to forget the romance of your wedding after all of the hustling of the day. Take a few minutes after your ceremony to sneak away with your new husband and share in a few precious minutes before your reception. Together, enjoy the fleeting moments right after your vows appreciating what has just happened, and try to let the memories soak in before you’re overwhelmed by greeting, hugging, and introducing everyone at your reception. Escape with a bottle of sparkling wine and have a mini celebration as husband and wife. Freixenet, Spanish Cava, is our favorite drink to unwind with. Freixenet pairs well with so many foods that you and your husband can grab a quick snack before heading down to the reception, where inevitably, you won’t have a second to eat.

Your guests will love Freixenet as well, so share a mini bottle of the world’s favorite black bottle bubbly as a gift for each of your friends and family. Consider dressing up the already exquisite matte black and gold Freixenet mini bottles with a soft and elegant linen bag to make your guests feel really special.

To ensure you enjoy your day, Freixenet is hosting a Facebook contest where 3 winners will be selected to win up to 125 mini champagne bottles and a memory magnum. Visit Freixenet’s Facebook page for a chance to win.

Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye so remember to take a few minutes, with a bottle of the world’s favorite sparkling wine, to soak in every single second.

Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Creative Direction: Emily Newman for Once Wed | Hair and Makeup: Amy Clarke | Flowers: Kelly Kaufman Design