Alternative Engagement Ring Gemstones You’ll Love

Sapphire engagement ring

When you get engaged, one of the first things everyone asks is to see your wedding ring. Your family, friends, and coworkers are probably expecting a diamond, but many couples are throwing tradition out the window and going with a gemstone engagement ring instead.

The good news? No stone is off limits! Just imagine a romantic emerald, ruby, or sapphire for your center stone. Check out some of our favorite options below—plus, where you can buy them!

14K White gold Neil Lane ruby engagement ring


Any Wizard of Oz fan knows that rubies are not only popular for their color, but as a classic choice of stone as well. Rubies come in an array of tones, from deep red to pink, and they pair well with white and yellow metals.

The stone itself is super durable, and you’ll pay a higher price for it. Rubies typically have a higher price-per-carat than other colored gems. Of course, rubies are still cheaper than traditional diamonds.

Pictured above: 14K white gold Neil Lane ruby engagement ring. $3,999,

Isola sapphire and diamond halo 3-stone ring


Another classic option is a brilliant sapphire. The stone is a great choice as a diamond alternative, due to its superb durability. It’s perfect for everyday use and requires minimal upkeep.

While your mind probably associates sapphire with the color blue, the stone actually comes in a range of hues, including bright white. Plus, when the light hits the stone just right, it exhibits a natural shift in color. It’s a truly lustrous option!

Pictured above: Isola sapphire and diamond halo 3-stone ring. $2,100,

18K White gold oval halo emerald and diamond ring


We’re getting Wizard of Oz vibes again, but this time our eyes are on the Emerald City! The rich green hue, the variety of shape options, and high value of emeralds are just a few reasons why they make a great choice for center stones.

Although the stone is very appealing, it also requires a little more care than some others. Emeralds have a more transparent appearance, meaning you can easily see their flaws. Your best bets are to look for a deeper green hue and protect your gemstone when you’re not wearing it.

Pictured above: 18K white gold oval halo emerald and diamond ring. $2,600,

14K Rose gold aquamarine and diamond ring


Looking for your something blue? Go with an aquamarine gemstone! Just like the ocean, this stone is totally calling our name—the light-to-medium blue stone is elegant and oh-so pretty. It’s also fairly durable, but it may need a good polish every now and then. It’s also one of the more inexpensive diamond alternatives, so that’s a bonus!

Pictured above: 14K rose gold aquamarine and diamond ring. $990,

Oval moissanite petite opera ring


Moissanite is gaining popularity as a great diamond alternative, mainly because it closely resembles real diamonds (but at a fraction of the price). This stunning gemstone is great for the active bride (and it’s also the second hardest stone among today’s jewelry options). Moissanite is also a lab-created gem, so you can feel great about choosing this sustainable and ethical option.

Pictured above: oval moissanite petite opera ring. $2,900,

14K Rose gold Shades of Love™ morganite and diamond ring


For the girl that loves pink, a morganite gemstone is the way to go. It’s super feminine and trendy. The light hue makes the stone more versatile and pairs well with a rose gold setting. Fun fact: this stone is named after financier and philanthropist J.P. Morgan—a prominent gem collector of the early 1900s!

Pictured above: 14K rose gold Shades of Love™ morganite and diamond ring. $1,499,

Celebrities Sporting Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings are not only cool alternatives to diamonds, but they’re super popular among celebrities! Don’t believe us? Just look! When we think of a gemstone engagement ring, our mind immediately goes to the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton’s amazing 18-carat oval sapphire ring, surrounded by 14 diamonds, definitely brings the WOW factor. Plus, the stone is extra-special—the ring was previously owned by her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. It’s simply stunning and a timeless treasure.


Elizabeth Hurley's sapphire and white diamond engagement ring Halle Berry's emerald engagement ring


Going to the big screen, actresses like Halle Berry and Elizabeth Hurley had stunning gemstones front and center on their engagement rings. Hurley’s 9-carat, square cut sapphire ring features two white diamond baguettes. The actress was engaged to Australian cricket player Shane Warne for two years before splitting in 2013.

Berry’s bling is equally beautiful. The emerald and diamond engagement ring in a gold setting was an amazing pick for her skin tone.

Jessica Simpson's ruby and diamond engagement ring Katy Perry's floral ruby and diamond engagement ring


These singers are also sporting spectacular stones on their ring fingers. Katy Perry’s 2-carat oval ruby engagement ring is full of vintage flair, and the 8 white diamonds add flower power. It’s a perfect pick from fiance Orlando Bloom!

Jessica Simpson also sports a ruby engagement ring. Her rock is a 5-carat ruby with two 2-carat pear-shaped diamonds on each side.

No matter what gemstone you choose, just remember that these stones are more prone to damage over time compared to diamonds. Gemstones can also become very dull, so it’s best to take off your ring while doing the dishes, washing your hands, or applying lotion and makeup.