Affordable Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

Trying to decide what party favors to go with can be a daunting task. Actually, deciding whether to even have the favors or not can become a tricky decision. Some couples cut the trinkets all together to save money and others nix them because they are just not into seeing their money wasted on bits that are never used or kept after their wedding weekend.

The biggest consideration to resonate with is … Will my guests actually keep this? We’ve compiled a beautiful list of affordable party favors your guests will love, and, we have a sneaking suspicion they’ll want to keep them too.

15 Affordable Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

Mini Champagne Bottles

Mini Champagne Bottles

Money definitely won’t be wasted here. Your guest will sip on this throughout the evening or use it at home for a special occasion or night off. And the price for a Price: $24 is outrageously affordable, even for bigger parties.

Garden Seeds

Garden Seeds wedding favor

These unique favors are something that your loved ones will want to utilize. Whether they’re filled with wildflower seeds or herb starters, these can easily be used, fostered, and enjoyed for a long time to come. And you can get them personalized to fit your vision!

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Edible favors are always a great choice. These spoon dips are perfect for winter weddings when hot chocolate is on a lot of minds – although they work great inside coffee as well. Order a variety of toppings to jazz things up as well.


Okay, so, this is a fantastic idea for outdoor weddings. So many times your guests will be sitting in their ceremonies seats with their eyes squinting trying to see the bride walk down the aisle. With these bad boys, everyone will see and you’ll have a wedding favor that actually works.

Bottle Openers

Buy them vintage, modern, personalized, themed, or any other style of your choosing. No matter what they look like, they’ll still be functional and kept in the frequently-used drawer of your loved ones.

Cookie Cutters

These can be bought in bulk and in nearly any shade you could want. What’s great is that these will literally be thrown in the mix with their kitchen supplies and actually used time and time again. Even the kiddos will like these and force their parents to utilize them.

M&M Favor Packs

Who doesn’t love a handful of M&M’s every now and then? These packets are personalizable (color and message) and super affordable, even for larger guest lists. Match them to your wedding day and pass out in unexpected ways – like on the way out of the party or have them at each place setting.

Coffee Mugs

coffee mug wedding favors

Whether you want to personalize them or not, coffee mugs work well as a favor too. They won’t break the bank and they can easily slide into your loved ones’ collections at home. It’s a truly functional choice.


Perfect for warmer-weathered events, provide your guests with one of these handy dandy fans! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, it may get a little warm. This will quickly become functional and welcomed for each of your friends and family members attending.


Trendy and sweet, macarons are a way to everyone’s heart and taste buds. Buy dozens of these beauties and present your guests with one that they can take home and enjoy. You can find beautiful boxes to wrap them up in as well.


Glow Sticks

Your favors can double as a photo-op for the party. Instead of being sent off with confetti or rice, why not have your exit accompanied by some glow sticks? The picture will be stunning and your guests will have a lot of fun with them on the dance floor.


For something both quirky and memorable, try having a bookmark created in the honor of the day. You can get super personal and creative with this one – and even add some DIY skills to its making.


Magnets are easy and functional too. There are so many different ones you can choose from to fit the theme of your wedding and your loved ones will have something special to keep on their fridge from here on out.

Tea Bags

wedding favor tea bags

Finally, some personalized tea bags could be a nice topping to a sweet day. This feels especially nice for a daytime or spring wedding that has a light and romantic air about it. And, of course, the plus side here is the functionality and the affordability!