A Couple in Love at Home

We’re constantly sharing stories of engagements and weddings, but today, we have something a little bit different. Every couple has a different perspective on love and commitment, and some couples choose to express their commitment in different ways. Read more from this couple on why they don’t plan on getting married. Love has a different definition to everyone.

From the couple:

Matt and I met playing college soccer together. From the moment we met, we were immediately drawn to one another energy. It was magnetic, intoxicating. At the time we were both in relationships and stayed away from each other. It was like we had a whole understanding without even saying a word aloud. It was one of those, “I’m going to let you handle this one, Universe.” A couple years went by and I saw Matt posting pictures of Berlin, Norway, New Zealand and SE Asia. I was very much wanderlust at the time in my life, so without hesitation I messaged Matt. He called me the day he landed and we haven’t been apart since. Four years later and we’ve been to 8 countries and lived in Korea for a year, he taught me how to snowboard and we currently live in Breckenridge, CO where we snowboard everyday! It’s magical. There have been days where Matt and I will look at each other, both with that crazy gleam in our eye. We will drink coffee, talk about where we desire to travel most and buy a ticket. The details left for another day. 

Marriage is something we’ve talked about but neither of us want. Marriage is a tradition I have yet to fully comprehend. I could understand how it  would be important if you wanted children, but that is another thing we do not want. Until Matt and I are fully aware of what marriage would do for us, we are happy being unmarried. It doesn’t mean we love each other any less than any other married couple. It doesn’t make us scared, and it definitely doesn’t make us less committed to one another (3 of the many things we often hear). Anyone that knows us, understands now, that we are not your average couple. We believe life should be savored, experienced and not bogged down by what society tells us to do. We are smart enough to know, we could change our minds. We very much try to live in the present, the now. And in this moment, Matt and I are very content.

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