50 Ideas for a Culture-Infused Wedding

We think that multicultural, cultural and culture-infused weddings are pretty special. Why? Well, what is a wedding? A wedding is a celebration of love; love that is shared by two individuals who have chosen to live their lives in tandem. Isn’t that, above all else, a description of unity? Weddings unify individuals, friends, families and traditions.

Each person comes into marriage with a unique culture, history, voice and identity. So, in a sense, every wedding is multicultural; a wedding always involves the combination of two personal cultures.

But there are also weddings we call multicultural because they combine two broader cultures that have social, national, geographical or spiritual foundations. Whether two people come from different cultures or have the same cultural background, their wedding is an opportunity to express their cultural heritage in a combined or new way.

In other cases, two individuals might have the same cultural background but choose to infuse their wedding with the artistic or spiritual elements of another culture. What are the guidelines in this case? In general, it is always important to be respectful. Make sure to engage with other cultures out of genuine affinity and admiration, and do so in authentic, non-stereotypical ways. You might also consider consulting representative members of the culture you admire.

Respect is paramount. But we also live in a world in which “culture” is a complex concept full of hard-to-isolate variables. Today, many cultures value inclusivity and promote mutual interaction. There is so much beauty in the mixture of various cultures.

Regardless of what having a multicultural wedding means to you, we know that if it is designed thoughtfully, the results will be sheer magic. Weddings that are rich in culture or that incorporate multiple cultures are so beautiful because they amplify what is essential to marriage: loving unity.