5 Things Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Dress Cleaning And Preservation

Once you’ve worn your beautiful gown, it’s time to give it the special care it deserves.  Here are 5 important things every bride should know about wedding dress cleaning and care.

1. Wedding dress cleaning and preservation are not the same
A cleaning means that your dress is treated to remove all stains. Preservation includes both cleaning and special storage of your dress.  With preservation, you dress is carefully folded with special acid free tissue and stored in a box that protects it from light and air exposure.

Which is right for you? That depends on your plans for your dress. If you are going to sell it (meaning it will likely be worn again within 12 months), then you’ll only need a cleaning. If you are saving it for a future daughter, you’ll want preservation. Not sure, choose preservation so that you’re gown will have extra protection until you decide.

2. Timing matters
The sooner your clean your dress after your big day, the greater the chances that any and all stains can be removed.  Stains damage the delicate fibers of a wedding dress, and the longer they remain on the fabric, the more damage they can do.  If your gown has mud or red wine on it, you’ll want to head to a wedding gown specialist as soon as possible after your I Dos.  But worry not, an expert cleaner can work miracles, even on a very stained dress.

3. The most damaging stains could be the ones you can’t actually see
Even if you can’t see any stains on your dress, it is worth trip to a wedding gown specialist within a few weeks of your wedding.  The most damaging stains could be ones you can’t see with the naked eye (think sweat or champagne which dry clear).  These stains are invisible when they occur, but over time darken into brown stains that are difficult to remove.

4. Not all drycleaners are wedding dress experts
Your local dry cleaner might be perfect for your favorite blouse, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best choice for your wedding gown.  For this delicate garment, you’ll want a cleaner who specializes in wedding dresses.  This means you’ll get a expert who is experienced in caring for beading, embellishments, layers and layers of tulle, or whatever made your wedding dress so perfectly you.

5. Costs vary (but here’s a coupon that will help!)
You can expect the cost of cleaning your gown to be dependent on it’s style.  Simple sheath?  Good news, your costs will be lower than a heavily beaded ballgown.

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