5 Must-Have Shots for a Killer Wedding Submission

We all know that every wedding blog is different, each with its own guidelines and requirements for a successful wedding submission, so there really isn’t a single “magic” formula for getting accepted.

However, there are five must-have shots that will greatly increase your odds of acceptance at virtually any wedding blog: the bouquet, the cake, the bridal party, the dress and the first look. I know these all sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many wedding submissions I see that are missing one or more of these key elements!

5 Must-Have Shots for a Killer Wedding Submission

Bouquet by Shea Hopely Flowers Inc., photographed by Bri Cibene Photography

The Bouquet

Let’s take a look at why great photographs of each of these elements are so important. The bride’s bouquet is arguably one of the most sought after images in a wedding submission. If you browse Pinterest’s wedding feed, the majority of the images are flowers. A beautiful bouquet photo isn’t just pretty – it’s also like a flower recipe for brides planning their own wedding.

5 Must-Have Shots for a Killer Wedding Submission

Cake by Haydel’s Bakery, photographed by Arte De Vie

The Cake

A really fantastic cake photo is also highly desirable, but many times the photos I see are poorly lit or the frame has too many other elements distracting from the artistry of the cake. If it’s possible, try to get a photo of the cake before it gets dark when you must rely on the venue’s artificial light.

5 Must-Have Shots for a Killer Wedding Submission

Photo by Aislinn Kate Photography

The Bridal Party

Of course, you already know to photograph the bridal party, but keep in mind that couples who visit wedding blogs are looking for inspiration and ideas for color palettes and outfits for their own bridesmaids and groomsmen, so it’s helpful to include shots of each that clearly showcase their attire.

5 Must-Have Shots for a Killer Wedding Submission

Dress by Alvina Valenta, photographed by Erin Hoyt Photography

The Dress

The dress shot is another no-brainer. Just remember, detail shots are key. Many brides look to wedding blogs to help find “the dress” so they can see what a gown looks like on a real person rather than a model. Be sure to show off the neckline, the train, the back… Whatever is uniquely beautiful about that particular dress.

5 Must-Have Shots for a Killer Wedding Submission

Photo by Pepper Nix Photography

The First Look

Last, but certainly not least, is the first look. I realize not every couple chooses to have one, but if they do, you darn well want to include it in your submission! Although wedding blogs are detail oriented, the raw emotion captured during a first look is always going to be welcome in a submission.

Next time you’re preparing a wedding submission for your favorite blog, make sure you remember to include these five must-have shots!

Originally published on the HoneyBook blog.