5 Fun Ideas for Your Rehearsal Dinner


The process leading up to a wedding can be a long and arduous one. These plans can sometimes be a year or more in the making, and while the end goal is a fun and memorable experience for all involved, it can all seem overwhelming for the couple involved in the day to day tasks.

While the ceremony and reception are the capstone of all of this hard work, the rehearsal dinner is an important event as well. Not only does it allow wedding guests to mingle and get to know one another, it’s a fantastic opportunity for the happy, yet likely stressed, couple to take a moment to relax and reflect before the big day.

Some couples might be tempted to focus less on the rehearsal dinner in favor of other events associated with the wedding, like the bachelor or bachelorette parties. Of course each couple is different and has their own preferences, but the rehearsal dinner can be a lot more fun and rewarding than some might think.

Here are a few ideas to make your rehearsal dinner a special part of your wedding experience.

Have a Catered Dinner at the Bride’s Home

If you’re having your wedding near your home, why not have a nice, catered affair at either your home or your parent’s home? Many companies specialize in bride home catering, and Anoush in Glendale, CA has been known to throw lavish yet intimate affairs that can help your guests feel comfortable yet decadent.

This type of dinner can take place inside if you have the space, or outdoors in the garden when the weather is nice. It truly is a great way to celebrate your upcoming day.

Picnic in the Park

Don’t overlook the charm and fun of a simple picnic in a public park. Most cities allow private events in their public parks, and most even include a shelter of some kind. Gather up fun blankets and scour craft stores for simple baskets that you can then fill with a variety of sandwiches, cheeses, and more.

Be sure to check with your city when booking the park for your day. Some have rules as to whether or not alcohol can be served, and a run in with your local police could spoil the fun.

Food Trucks

Everyone loves food trucks these days, and for good reason. They are a fun and mobile way to get access to a number of different types of cuisines, which ups your chances greatly of pleasing a number of palates.

You can hire food trucks for the aforementioned picnic, have them arrive at your home, or if you’ve rented a space for your rehearsal dinner you can just have them arrive outside. Choose a few different types of food truck cuisines so that everyone can enjoy variety, and don’t forget to hire one that offers desserts.

Beach Barbecue

If you live near the coast or are having your wedding on the beach, it makes perfect sense to have a beach barbecue for your rehearsal dinner. It’s a relaxing and fun way to celebrate, and if you get a fantastic sunset out of the deal, all the better.

It makes sense to have this affair catered, as it can be quite laborious to carry everything you’ll need down to the beach. Hire someone, so you can relax and enjoy the beach with your friends and family.

Your Favorite Restaurant

If your wedding is going to be a small and intimate affair, why not simply have your rehearsal dinner at your favorite restaurant? Even if they don’t have a dedicated space for large groups, with enough planning and advance notice you should be able to work out something with the staff. Perhaps they can even prepare special off-menu items that your guests will love.

This can be especially meaningful if the restaurant you choose has significance for you and your partner. Perhaps you had one of your first dates there? Perhaps that’s where the proposal occurred? If so, that all the more reason to choose this special place.

Your rehearsal dinner needs to be an important part of the entirety of your wedding experience. Choose one of these fun and unusual ideas to make yours extra special.