42 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

Are you searching for a favor that won’t feel like a throwaway piece of your budget? Are you determined to find a favor that your friends and family won’t forget to walk away with when the night is done? Are you struggling to find something worthwhile of your big day – without any kitchiness attached? We’ve found 42 wedding favor ideas your guests will actually want. From edibles to keepsakes, have a look at our list of favorites.

Our 42 Favorites to Give as Favors

1. Personalized Lip Balm


Perfect for summer or winter planned-events, when our pout needs it the most, invest in a balm that every guest can pocket on their way out for the night. Shop sites like Etsy or some blogs that offer up some handmade recipes to DIY your own bout of favors.

2. Donuts


An edible that will always be met with a smile are donuts. Package up 1-2 per guests for them to snack late into the night of dancing – or the next morning (donuts are a great remedy for hangovers, don’t you know). You can go classically frosted or think of flavors that match the season such as pumpkin spice for your autumnal affair. Whip up a batch with a friend or go for a chain you love like most like Krispy Kreme or DD!

3. S’mores Kits


The idea of s’mores kits are really fun too – even the kiddos at the party will want to snag one. Make sure you pack everything your loved one may need to create their own sweet, summertime bite at home. Graham crackers, marshmallows, and some chocolate too – and you can get really creative with the packages. Again this is a favor that you can buy a batch of from spots like Etsy or go the DIY route to save a few pennies.

4. Jars of Jam


Jams can be a really quirky gift option well, especially if you pay homage to the season or venue. Give a nod to your favorite flavors of the time or go with something that speaks to the heart of the city you’re being wed in. For example, Nashville has its own jam cafe that could spark some inspiration!

5. Moonshine


For weddings with a country kick, what do you think about investing in some moonshine for the guests to be gifted with? There are lots of ways to make this happen so go with the place and the price that fits your vision. Either way, you will – without a doubt – have your guests appreciative that they came.

6. Water Bottles


Some of us decide to get married during the warmer months. Unfortunately, some of those outdoor weddings throughout those warmer months can be a bit on the extra-hot side. Your guests may need something sip on so offer up some extra bottles of water. It’s an investment you can be assured won’t go unused!

7. Sunglasses


Since we’re talking about outdoor weddings throughout the warmer months already, let’s keep with the trend. Sunglasses are another favor that can be functional for the guests as well. It can act as a keepsake later and be used during the guests’ time at the event.

8. Coffee Beans


You can buy these pre-packaged and personalized. And you can find a mix of flavors to fit your couple style or your event itself. The best part? The favors will make the space smell heavenly and your guests will be able to enjoy some morning cups of coffee in your honor.

9. Salt Water Taffy


Bags of salt water taffy would be an especially sweet wedding favor idea. It would work extra well for beachside affairs or destination weddings near the ocean. But have fun picking out flavors that fit the mood and are your personal favors too such as hazelnut and pumpkin.

10. Succulents


Sometimes you can find favors that pull double-duty jobs at the event. Use succulents in teacups or modern planters as both favors for your loved ones and as place cards. Order a batch up or have some fun with the gals and guys getting these potted yourself.

11. Mojito Kit with Muddler


Cocktail kits are fun but you can take them a step further my personalizing them. If your favorite mixed drink happens to be a mojito then go with a kit that matches that taste. Just don’t forget a muddler to take the gift to a new level.

12. Tiny Stickers


If you’re looking for something on the quirkier side, think about passing out some fun stickers in celebration of your wedding day. The kids will love it, but you’ll be surprised by how many smiles your adult guests will give off at their sight as well. You can go in so many different routes in terms of style.

13. Limoncello


Again, you can buy batches of this or learn how to whip it up yourself. This is a next level treat that your guests aren’t used to received at a wedding – so make it count! Personalize the bottles or style them to match the theme of the big day. If you have an Italian roots or nods to the home country, this is a great choice.

14. Tote Bags


Totes work too because they’re functional. There are so many different ones to choose from and sift through. And there are so many different ways in which you could personalize the design.

15. Mini Sketchbooks


For our more artistic of visions, why not gift your guests with some small sketchbooks. They’ll fit inside purses and backpacks. They’ll also promote creativity among your loved ones. Go classic or personalize these cuties too.

16. Journals


On that same note,journals will work the same way. Instead of blank papers for doodling, just go with some lines parts instead. This too will promote creativity among your people and you can have fun with their outward designs.

17. Bottle Openers.


There are so many different styles of bottle openers that you can shop for and find online to use as a wedding favor. Just don’t settle until you stumble upon a design that fits your theme. Vintage, classic, contemporary, there’s something for every vision. And no matter what, it’ll act as a functional keepsake for your guests.

18. Classy Hangover Kit


You can whip these up yourself or find some ideas on sites like Etsy. Your kits could include a bottle of Gatorade or bottled water, ibuprofen, an eye mask, and anything else you feel is an essential part of getting over the day after events. We believe your guests will more than appreciate this one – at least make them for the wedding party!

19. Cookie Cutters


We love this idea for weddings that fall near the holidays. It’s prime time for cookie baking so why not add to everyone’s collection of kitchen essentials? Go with the metal or copper cutters and then go with a shape that matches or pays homage to the season.

20. Candles


Candles are one of the more traditional ideas when it comes to wedding favors. But that doesn’t mean going this route is a bad idea. Find flavors that match the season and dive into a DIY project and whip them up yourself!

21. Local Honey


We love favors when they’re extra sweet and it doesn’t get much sweeter than a jar of local honey. Search around for a space that can help you with this idea. Not only will this be pocketed and used at home by your guests – the display will be oh so charming as well!

22. DIY or Vintage Ornaments


Get creative and make some of your own ornament wedding favors. Or shop online to buy some unique vintage pieces for all of your guests. Either way, this is the perfect choice for those celebrating their wedding day near the holidays!

23. Instagram Coasters


You can take some of your most special memories as a couple: vacation shots, photos of your pup, or the location where you got engaged and turn them into coasters for everyone to enjoy. It’s an instant keepsake that will be used and never thrown away!

24. Sriracha Salt


This is really easy to make on your own – just search the blogosphere for a lot of different recipes and tutorials to follow. It’s right on trend in the foodie world as well. Whip up a batch of this and your guests will take home a new necessity for the pantry.

25. Cookie Buffet


Sweets are always a popular idea. Setting up a cookie buffet with takeaway boxes will be a wonderful thank you to your guests. Even the kiddos will want to scoop up their own thank you favor on their way out the door with this one.

26. Shot Glasses


Shot glasses are a really popular collection item for a lot of people already. Know your audience before you decide on this keepsake. But if they’re the type to keep these nearby or in a display – personalize and leave out to show your thanks!

27. Luggage Tags


Pay homage not to the season but the type of wedding your having with the type of favor your choose. Luggage tags are the perfect present for our destination wedding planners. Guests can attach to the suitcases pronto.

28. Vanilla Extract


Here’s another pantry staple that you can gift your guests. Small containers of vanilla extract is a usable and unique favor for your guests. It can represent your love for baking or nod to your honeymoon destination: Mexico!

29. Customizable Nail Polish


For the gals at the party, some customizable nail polish could be a fun route to go. If you’re using multiple favor ideas you may even be able to make some DIY, homemade versions. Of course, this is a good addition to the bridesmaids’ gifts as well.

30. Charity Donation Made in Your Guest’s Name

charity donation wedding favor

Forgo the entire idea of a tangible wedding favor and put your money into something more meaningful. Make a charity donation in each of your guests’ honor. Notify them in a unique way at the party itself.

31. Small Bottles of Mead

Who knew honey and water could be the beginning of a unique, alcoholic sip? Made with various spices, fruits, and herbs, mead has old-age qualities and will definitely be a fun way to provide thanks to your guests for celebrating your big day with you.

32. Single-Use Cameras

Single-Use Cameras wedding favors

What’s so wonderful about these cameras is the nostalgia that they add to the party. Your guests will appreciate the memories – both that they’re making and that they’re able to keep. Just make sure you advise them to hand off one snapshot for your own keepsake book!

33. Set of Colored Pencils


Similar to the sketchbooks and journals above, colored pencils will ignite some creativity as well. For our more artistic of couples, this is a fun way to go when it comes to wedding favors. They’ll be able to add them to their arts and crafts – or home office – for use later.

34. Tiny Pies


Another sweet and edible treat that will always be a family and friend favorite is … pie! Tiny pies or pies in a jar are a great way to thank your guests on the way out of the party. Again, go with a flavor that matches the season or pay homage to your personal favs.

35. Pretty Soaps


Soaps are really fun as well. Scents that match the spring, summer, fall, or winter season are nice. And this is a great route to take if you really want to put a handmade touch on the entire day. Grab an afternoon, grab your friends, and make these together.

36. Wildflower Seeds


We’re big fans of this unique favor. Provide your guests with a packet of wildflower seeds they can plant at home. When the petals grow, they’ll remember your big day all over again. It’s eco-friendly and so beautiful!

37. Homemade Granola


Some of us want morning weddings with a brunch-style theme. And that can be really fun and exciting too. When it comes to edibles during that time, think about something along the lines of homemade granola.

38. Tea Infuser


Another great piece that can be taken and used back at home is a tea infuser. These will become an instant part of your loved ones daily routine – which is nice when your investing in so many for all your guests. Remember, know your audience and know that your going with the right item.

39. Alcohol – In Any Form


Alcohol – in any form – can be a great choice for a wedding favor. Do so in tasteful, classy ways. Small bottles of champagne or wine. Cocktail mixers and kits. Homemade beer or moonshine is nice too. Go with your couple style or use an alcohol guide to find the best match, and allow your guests to enjoy.

40. Flip Flops

Add some dancing shoes to the reception. Allow your loved ones to kick off their heels to make sashaying all night a bit more comfortable. This is also a great idea for beachside weddings and not having sand slip inside everyone’s nice shoes.

41. Temporary Tattoos


Here’s another offbeat wedding favor idea that we’ve fallen in love with. This is another case of “know your audience” but for lively and youthful groups, this is a great route to take. Find designs you love or get them personalized on Etsy!

42. Mugs

Mugs are fun too. And, honestly, who doesn’t love to add another coffee up to their already-growing collection? Personalize these. Customize these. Or go with designs that speak to your unique loves and style.