4 Inspiring Wedding Websites Made By Loving Couples

You’ve just gotten engaged to the love of your life (YAY!), and you’re excited to start planning your dream wedding (not that you haven’t already been planning it for years..we know about your secret Pinterest board)! You know the best place to start is by building your wedding website- so you can announce to the world (and Facebook) that you’ve set the date, and you’re ready to share the news. Over the years you’ve seen dozens of friends get married and you’ve been to their cookie cutter wedding websites, but you’re looking for something different. You want to set up a website that reflects who you are as a couple, and really stands out among all of the others floating around the internet, but where do you start?

Well the good news is you don’t have to hire a professional! There are website builders, like IM Creator, that makes it easy for you and your fiance to work together, either from a predesigned template or from scratch, to design a truly inspired website to tell the world your wonderful news! Upload your own pictures, backgrounds, and lay it out however you want. They make it easy to create a website for your wedding that is a real reflection of you as a couple, and lets your creativity run wild. Look what real couples did with IM Creator, and what we love most about their websites:

taylor and peter

Taylor and Peter did a great job using IM Creator to set up their wedding website, and did a beautiful job including all the information their guests needed while keeping a beautiful, and clean home page. Their website is easy to navigate, and we adore that their engagement pictures get to take center stage on the front page!


Kristen and Alex kept their design simple and monotone, which gives it a really timeless feeling. We also adore that after looking through their website, they provide their guests information, not only about hotels and accommodations, but entertainment while they’re in town fort he wedding. With a list of restaurants, museums, tours, their guests will know exactly how to spend heir down time while in Chicago for Kristen and Alex’s wedding.


Don’t you just love how Eliot and Sheena designed their website? It’s classic, elegant, yet modern and fun! We also love how the couple included a link to their registries on their page so their guests can easily find where to buy gifts!


Kristin and Mark set up the “travel details” portion of their wedding website perfectly! They included photos of each location and a map to direct guests along with a timeline! Take a cue from Kristen and mark and set up a portion of your website like this so none of your guests will be scrambling to find their way between the ceremony and reception.

Do you feel more confident now about creating your custom wedding website? Take some cues from these sweet couples and set up your website with IM Creator today!