36 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas From Etsy

On the ever-growing list of things brides need to decide when planning their wedding is the bridesmaids’ thank you gifts she’ll have to purchase to show her appreciation and love for her leading ladies. While deciding on the perfect present, you’ll think about personalization options, unconventional usage, and functionality beyond the actual wedding weekend.

We did a little digging, with help from all of the innovative designers and creators on Etsy, and created a rockstar list of 36 bridesmaids gift ideas. Take a scroll through some of our favorite finds and bookmark the ones that strike your fancy. And remember, not ever bridesmaid needs to be presented with the same gift, you can give everyone something that fits their personality and represents your friendship uniquely.

36 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas From Etsy

Personalized Tumbler Cups

Seller: Pink Posh Co

Price: $20.95

Tumblers are always a great idea. These ones are trendy and rose gold and marked with a personalized topping. Grab these for your girls and they’ll be able to use them for times and times to come (including your big weekend).

Rose Gold Personalized Initial Bracelet

Seller: Majestic Gift Shop

Price: $4.95

If you feel like getting something that feels more like a keepsake, think about grabbing one of these cuties for each of your ladies. It’s functional, of course, with its wearability and on-trend rose gold finish, but it’s also something that can find a home in their jewelry box without ever being thrown out or going unused.

Satin Bridesmaids Robes

Seller: To Happily Ever After

Price: $14.40

This kind of gift is both popular and functional. The ladies can use them to get ready (including posing for those photo-ops) for the big day and for lots of mornings that come after the celebration has ended. You can snag colors that match the wedding colors to be extra festive.

Monogram Ring Dishes

Seller: Before The Veil Gifts

Price: $8.00

Here’s another sweet keepsake idea. Order up some monogram dishes – personalized to each of your ladies in waiting – for them to have as a special reminder on their dresser drawers. They can save their rings or other trinkets inside.

Personalized Duffle Bags

Seller: Le Rose Gifts

Price: $42

Personalized duffle bags will make the gals squeal, especially if part of the celebration includes a trip (or two). Grab a set of these to give away before the bachelorette weekend away or a destination weddings. Of course, the pink and gold combo is a favorite.

Personalized Cosmetic Bags

Seller: Everly Grayce

Price: $9.99

How sweet are these cosmetic bags? They can be personalized with calligraphic writing and marked with a gold heart accent as well. It’ll help you ladies pack for the wedding weekend but also organize long after the festivities die down.

Herringbone Turkish Towel

Seller: Peshtemal Art

Price: $12.49

Use it at the pool, at the beach, at a fancy resort, or even just as a luxurious piece in your own home. These Turkish towels are cozy and stylish – and a unique gift to give to the gals. Choose a personalized color to match each of their personalities or the wedding shades you’ve picked out.

Custom Bridesmaids Earrings

Seller: Pearl Select

Price: $10.99

How sweet are these little boxes full of thank you’s. Earrings they can wear for the big day and then charming notes that theme the present nicely, grab these for a great price and personalized both the message and the plating.

Custom Wine Tumblers

Seller: Paolo Brown

Price: $11.90

Wine tumblers could be fun too and these ones specifically are quite beautiful. There are lots of pastel and pearl shades to choose from. The topping is the personalization for each and every one of your girls.

Personalized Bridesmaids Totes

Seller: Confetti Momma Party

Price: $21.59

Everyone could use a good tote in their life. They’re great for beach trips, but also just to keep organized for everyday life. Grab one for you ladies and personalized them with their names. Colors vary as well, so dress it in their favorites.

Minimalist Name Earrings

Seller: Caitlyn Minimalist

Price: $19.12

Check out these super chic, minimalist-style earrings. They’re created using your bridesmaids’ names and will easily become such a versatile part of their wardrobe. Make them feel special by presenting them with a unique pair.

Clear, Custom Tassel Keychains

Seller: Jill Makes

Price: $25

We’re absolutely swooning for these charming and festive creations. This design combines all of the best trends and places them into a unique, thank you gift that you can give to your bridesmaids. Personalized with each of their names and fun colors, they’ll bring a smile to each of their faces.

Personalized Starbucks Cups

Seller: Coffee Time Designs

Price: $8.99

How awesome are these homemade Starbucks cups?! Instead of personalizing with a name, these designs get a bit more clever. Some of the messages you can choose from to display include: Mommy’s Little Helper, Happy Cup Of Love, and Do Epic Sh*t.

Monogram Card Holder

Seller: Freebird St. Louis

Price: $14

It’s a perfect addition to a bridesmaids’ goodie box or as a standalone thank you. These chic card holders are versatile, functional, and there’s an option to customize with a monogram as well (without breaking the budget).

Glass Ball Confetti Charms

Seller: My Teachers Cupboard

Price: $2.49

These little pieces of festivity are far too adorable to go unnoticed. They’re a must-include to the bridesmaids’ thank you boxes and there are so many different ways they’ll be able to go about using them. Create necklaces, keychains, or even to embellish planners or bookmarks.

Monogrammed Wine Totes

Seller: Preppy Pink Pineapples

Price: $16.99

We’re nearly positive that your tribe of ladies will be smitten by this gift idea. Perfect for traveling and easy to store, these wine totes are a great addition to social gatherings and trips to the beach. This particular shop has a variety of fun prints and ways to personalize the overall design as well.

Personalized Rain Jacket

Seller: Designs by B

Price: $43.95

Springtime calls for rain jackets, so why not add this to the list of ideas for your gals? These monogrammed cuties are something they can take a use long after the fun of the event calms. Again, you can choose different colors to match each of the girls’ personalities or reroute the option to fit the wedding vision.

Zodiac Constellation Necklaces

Seller: Rudiana

Price: $18

Check out these gorgeous constellation necklaces! This is such a unique way to customize your bridesmaids’ gifts – just have their birthday on hand when ordering their personalized design.

Handmade Leather Wallet

Seller: Ika Bags

Price: $40

Used as either a wallet or a clutch, these posh leather pieces are so sophisticated and gorgeous. Handmade with leather in Paris, they’re a great price for a unique gift that the ladies will have for a lifetime.

Eyelash Sleep Masks

Seller: Goia Boutique

Price: $13.95

Here’s another little gift that can be added to the bridesmaids’ gift bags! Precious sleep masks are such a luxury to have, use, and act as a nice topper to a combination of presents that point toward a spa retreat or beauty theme.

Geode Pendant Necklaces

Seller: The Hollow Geode

Price: $16.99

Right on trend, these geode necklaces are a must-have for everyone’s accessory collection. These pieces are all natural with a stunning gold plating around its edges for a more contemporary finish. And what’s great about the organic beauty of the designs is that they will blend with nearly any outfit or style.

Mandala Flask


Seller: Fantasticum

Price: $26.50

This will surely knock the socks off of the ladies. It’s a more unexpected gift idea for women but, also, the design is stunning, don’t you think? The bohemian quality of the Mandala pattern doesn’t go unnoticed or forgotten.

Personalized Travel Jewelry Case


Seller: Sew Much Fun Stuff

Price: $39

Here we have yet another functional present that’s both personalized and swoon-worthy. This is a wrap and roll jewelry bag that will help organize for future trips. There are all kinds of nook and crannies inside to help necklaces remain untangles and earrings paired and ready to be worn.

Monogram Flannel Shirts


Seller: Everly Grayce

Price: $28.80

Nix the robes and go with flannel instead. Not only will you love the photos, but it’ll be a bit comfier for the girls, especially if you’re marrying throughout the colder months. Offer up a mug alongside to complete the gift.

Rustic Monogram Frames (set of 5)


Seller: Sew Blonde Studio

Price: $80

If you’re looking for something that fits the day a bit more, why not gift the ladies with a new frame they can use to house a memory for the event? These rustic beauties can be personalized with their initial and a color ribbon of your choice.

Thank You Bridesmaids Ornaments


Seller: Harlow and Hunter Gifts

Price: $18.70

Ornaments are always a nice touch for events that fall around the holidays. These pieces they’ll be able to keep and use for years and years to come, always remembering your special day and the fact that you chose to have them by your side.

Spa Gift Set


Seller: The Dancing Wick

Price: $28

This spa gift set is already prepped and ready to be given to your gals. Don’t fret about thinking of what pieces go with which, instead, these kind of handmade creations are what you should be taking a second look at. This one includes: 1 soy candle, 1 sugar scrub, 1 bath salt.

Embossed Canisters


Seller: The Henley House

Price: $16

These canisters are so chic and beautiful. They have a handmade charm about them but also, they can be used to house any other goodies you want to give your gals. The marble finish is super trendy too.

Personalized Passport Wallet Cover


Seller: AA Creative Designs

Price: $32

A brand new passport and wallet cover could be a great idea as well. If you have a friend with a travel bug or you’re embarking on a destination affair, it’s the perfect treat to say thank you to your friends with.

Personalized Ring Dish


Seller: Prima Pottery

Price: $24.95

Check out this beauty. It’s another ring dish that will act as a keepsake from your big weekend. But this one will also look quite beautiful on your ladies’ dressers or bathroom countertops. It’s got a vintage, feminine vibe that we find rather beautiful.

Boho Personalized Planner


Seller: Paper Peach Shop

Price: $18

Planners and journals could be a great gift as well. You can find designs that are personalized, like this, and present them to your gals as a thank you for all of their hard work and support over the wedding planning period.

Diamond Rose Gold Pens


Seller: My Teachers Cupboard

Price: $1.49

Along with one of those personalized planners or journals, you could snag a few new pens to finish off the gift. We have a sneaking suspicion that your ladies will love adding this to their desktop or even carrying it inside of their purse.

Monogrammed Campus Backpacks


Seller: Fallen Star Couture Inc.

Price: $24

Monogrammed backpacks are always a good idea too. They’re quintessentially bridesmaids in vibe with the personalization but also super versatile for after the party too. Everyone would want one of these for their daily errands or travel excursions.

Custom Pajama Shirts


Seller: Seline Lounge

Price: $19.99

They may need some pajamas as well. Maybe you’re all sleeping over in the hotel the night before or you just need something cozy and comfy to get hair and makeup done in, you can order custom pajama shirts for everyone to enjoy.

Rollable Flats


Seller: Cinderollies

Price: $14

These will definitely come in handy over the course of your long wedding weekend. Allow your gals to kick off their heels once the party gets going and slip into something a bit more comfortable. Cinderollies are the answer to all that.

Soy Candles


Seller: Dawn Candle Worx

Price: $11

Soy candles are fan favorites, so if you’re looking to add another item to the bag or something the girls can just enjoy without problems, this is it. You can get them personalized in all sorts of ways and at a really affordable cost.