21 Ways You Can Make Your Wedding a Stand-Out Affair

standout wedding day ideas

Within the world of weddings, tradition has taken a backseat to originality. So long are the days of an expected timeline of events. Instead, we’re seeing Pinterest-worthy photo-ops and personalized parts to the party at every turn. But in the midst of all those unique additions how can one be sure to create a wedding that’s a stand-out affair without becoming forgotten or quickly outshone by a friend or family member’s inspired celebration?

21 Ways You Can Make Your Wedding a Stand-Out Affair

Stay Away From Kitchiness

Mason jars, using the term “shabby chic” to describe your vision, or bunting near the dessert table, if at all possible, try to stay away from the kitschiness. There are a lot of played our trends in the wedding world, as we’ve named just a few, and by straying from the popularity you’ll find yourself developing a more personalized and unique taste to display throughout your ceremony and reception.

Let Everyone Sit Where They Want

sit wherever you want at a wedding

Letting everyone sit where they want and feel comfortable is something your guests will thank you for. Both at the ceremony and reception, don’t confine your friends and family members to one space (aside from the VIP rows at the ceremony). You’ll also relieve yourself of a big planning headache by nixing the seating chart.

Interactive Portions

Create some extra-lively fun by incorporating interactive portions of the party. Adding Mad Libs to the scene or even some corn hole to your outdoor reception could brighten the mood, have your guests ease into socializing, and give something for the kiddos at the party to do as well.

Nix The White Gown

floral wedding gown


So long are the days of the all-white bridal gown. Instead, there are so many more options for brides to choose from. Beautiful pastel shapes or even floral patterns liven up the day’s vision by opting for a fashionable, offbeat dress choice such as this. Heads will turn, photography will be turned up a notch, and the mood will be set unlike any other.

Pay True Homage To The Season

Whether it’s with the favors or how you design your seating arrangements and tablescapes, pay attention to the season you’re saying, “I do” in. Use it to your advantage by paying homage to the time of year and acting as resourceful inspiration. Bamboo in the spring or snowy velvet textures in the winter is just a couple of places to start.

Food Trucks and Trailers

wedding food trucks


Have a food truck or trailer pull up to the party. Serve everything from drinks (yes, there are wine trailers out there), dessert, or chicken and waffles right from the window. It’s a nice little addition to the personalization of the event and a way to make your guests’ experiences a smidge more memorable and magical as well.

Something Blue Tradition

Keep the tradition but go rogue in how you incorporate it. Who says you’re the one who has to be the one wearing something blue? Instead, why not dress the flower girl in a beautiful shade of sky or give your groom a hanky in a powder tone to check off that must on the list?

Artistic Additions

canvas art backgrounds


Utilize canvas art pieces in and around your big day. Whether they are handmade or bought, this serves as a beautiful backdrop and decoration for both the ceremony and reception. It’s such a unique way to add color and photo-ops for the entire party.

Lounge Areas

For larger guests lists, try to carve out some space for lounging. Plush areas that fit the theme will be great spots for family and friends. They can mingle and catch up without feeling too stuffy and uncomfortable at the banquet tables. It also adds a fun bout of style to the celebration as well.

Welcome Bags

wedding welcome bags


Welcome bags are like the cooler, older sister of the wedding favor. They can be themed to fit the day, the season, or even the location of the event. And they can be filled with helpful and fun tidbits for your guests to enjoy – especially the overnighters. These also have the ability to become one of the standout memories for your loved ones if done right.

Children-Only Corners

If you’re allowing kiddos to crash the party, make a space just for them to enjoy. Fill it with friendly foods they love, coloring books, games, or other activities that will keep them occupied. It’s nice to pay attention to the littlest of guests and give some time for the parents to enjoy the day as well.

Offbeat Cakes

agate wedding cake


Choosing an offbeat cake is always a way to go if you’re looking to create a magical, standout affair. No matter what, guests remember the cake when it comes to a wedding. Agate and marble are trendy, contemporary ideas to peek at but so are the toppers that have a style of their own as well.

Unique Guest Books

Another way to stray from tradition and make your own mark on the day would be to add new twists and turns to what everyone expects. Instead of an actual guestbook, try having your guests sign a canvas painting that you’ll hand up in your home or puzzle pieces you can put together on your first anniversary.

Bring In The Confetti

wedding confetti

Don’t throw rice. Don’t do sparkles. Do confetti! It’s so fun, festive, youthful, and you really can’t beat the photos either. What’s great about this idea is that you can essentially make your own and it won’t cost a pretty penny to do it.

A Real After Party

Have the bride and groom change out of their ceremony clothes. Put the kiddos to bed and plan a real after party. Nix tradition completely and just celebrate with everyone you love. Champagne and a really good DJ is where you start this planning process.

Surprising Musical Guests

mariachi wedding band


Why not have a mariachi band to spruce up your wedding day? Why not bring in an acoustic guitarist to play your ceremony music? Go offbeat to really score a memorable moment. And this goes double for destination weddings that have even more of a theme to follow.

Creative Boozy Treats

Surprise your guests with fun boozy treats! Drunken truffles, liquor-infused cupcakes, even frozen rose’ popsicles will delight their taste buds. Use the season as a catalyst to the flavors you want to use and go from there.

Imagine … The Cake Swing

wedding cake swing


The cake table is nice and all, but have you seen what a cake swing is? These beautiful pieces of art will be a stunning focal point of the party and make your cake cutting even more of a photo-op. There are lots of different ways to go about styling the scene to fit your vision as well – from ultra boho to chic and modern.

Look Up For The Flowers

We’re all used to the flowers being in our hands or on the tables. But what about having your guests look up to take a peek? Think about adding some floral chandeliers to the event. They create unimaginably pretty focus and texture to unsuspecting areas of the party.

Go Vibrant Or Go Home

colorful wedding bouquets


Neutrals can be pretty and all but there really is something extra special about having a colorful bout of flowers sprinkled throughout the entire celebration. The vibrancy will create a livelier spirit for your event to be founded on.

Utilize Your Couple Style

Finally, utilize your couple style to its fullest. Are you a Manhattan-inspired duo with a passion for fashion and crisp appeal? Utilize it. Do you both find your solace in mother nature? Utilize it. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to truly infuse yourselves into all the nooks and crannies of the special day.