21 Engagement Photo Scenes Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Are you dreaming of your engagement photos? Are you searching for a theme that fits your feelings and excitement for the big day? Well, we have a trove of glossy and beautiful inspiration for you to swoon over compiled below.

These 21 engagement photo scenes seem to have been plucked straight out of a fairy tale storybook. From the ensembles to the venues, let’s see all of the ways that you can turn your shoot into something extraordinarily special, magical, and romantic, shall we?

21 Engagement Photo Scenes Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

Dancing Dip

fairy tale engagement shoot dip pose


Take a dip into the dance at the end of the fairy-tale you love best. With a blush, textural skirt and the most gorgeous green background, you can bring this to fruition too.

Garden Backdrop

fairy tale engagement shoot fairy themed


Or you can use actual fairies and their style to set the scene. Not only is this garden a gorgeous setting but that floral umbrella is a DIY project that we’d all like to dive right into.

Magical Twirl

desert fairy tale engagement shoot


Here’s another shot of the magical twirl that we’d all love to have on the dance floor. The difference here is that it was done out in the desert, proof that even the sandy, more desolate spaces can be just as magical.

Princess Carriage


If you’re able to find a comparable carriage, why not splurge a little? It’s like a scene straight out of a fairy-tale motion picture, and what couple doesn’t want to create their very own reel?


once upon a time fairy tale engagement shoot


Here’s another DIY project you can partake in or you may even run across one of these beauties in the bookstore that could work out in your photos. However you want to handle it, it’s a charming shot to get in with your others.

Enchanting Forest

fairy tale salt lake city engagement shoot


Maybe you’re trying to get some inspiration for your forest vision. If so, this is a great route to take for those that want a more woodland themed shoot.

Cinderella at the Ball

fairy tale cinderella engagement shoot


Have you always dreamed of Cinderella? This is your chance to recreate the moment in a modern, fashion-forward way. Just look at that beautiful, powder blue ball gown!

Lighthouse by the Sea

Fairy Tale Beach and Lighthouse engagement shoot


By the sea is a great place to be as well. Channel your inner Ariel and make sure you get as close to the lighthouse as possible. Utilize any rocks that overlook the beach as well as the stunning, natural lighting.

City Dreams

Fairy tale dip pose in the city


The city could be a great spot to complete your fairy tale as well. That dipping pose will highlight any venue beautifully, especially with ensembles this beautiful.


fairy tale woodland engagement shoot in a field


Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what the setting in, it can all be in the pose and the dress. Just look at this couple and the stunning shot that could be done in someone’s backyard.


Fairy tale treehouse engagement shoot


A treehouse could do the trick as well. There are several of these beauties around the country, why not use one to your advantage?

Magical Lights

punk style fairy tale engagement shoot


A kiss is another shot you’ll want throughout your engagement photos, but the addition of the sparkling, bursting lights is a nice touch. It adds just the right amount of romance to the mix.

Creek & Lake

Creek fairy tale engagement shoot


Stumble around a local creek to catch some woodland fairy vibes with your beau. We especially love the reflection caught on film.


fairy tale engagement shoot in front of castle


If you just happen to be near a castle or a mansion that resembles one, why not utilize that? This is the best route to take if you want a more regal experience.

Mountain Tops

mountaintop fairy tale engagement shoot


Atop a mountain is another magical place to be. This shot, in particular, makes it seem like its just the two lovebirds “on top of the world,” and in love. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Castle Steps

fairy tale engagement shoot with pink ball gown


The door, the dress, the setup, it’s ultra-romantic, it’s fitting for a fairy-tale storybook, and it’s stunning, don’t you think? Take a page out of this book and try to recreate the finish.


fairy tale forest feast engagement shoot


Take a feast to the forest and set up your own arrangement for the photos. We love the royal, magical vibe this spread brings to the “table.”

Ball Staircase

fairy tale engagement shoot cinderella inspired


This shot has a hint of Cinderella in it too. Find yourself a staircase and recreate your version of the big moment!


vizcaya museum fairy tale engagement shoot


The Vizcaya Museum is a gorgeous location but it also offers inspiration for what you can do at home or in your own city. Think of offbeat locations that can transform your shoot into something even more spectacular.


Fairy Tale engagement shoot on a horse


White horses offer a majestic quality that’s often not found in traditional engagement shoots. If you have one on hand, we recommend using it to your advantage – if you want that fairy tale vibe, of course.


red riding hood fairy tale engagement shoot


And finally, not all fairy-tales involve a princess. Instead, use some of your favorites as inspiration. Just check out this Little Red Riding hood themed adventure!