Wrap Up Of The 2018 Wedding Dress Trends

As you know, we have been sharing the 2018 Bridal Design previews over the last several Fridays. Today will be the last look, and we hope have have enjoyed see all the beautiful choices there are for you 2018/2019 brides! We tried to share samples of the trends to take note of: lace with large patterns (like the Lady Macbeth, above, from Riki Dalal Haute Couture); statement sleeves; bare shoulders; pants; blue dresses; capes & caplets; very large bows; and dresses of all lengths!

If you are a lover of classics and not a trend follower, don’t worry. There are many unique and beautiful classics showing as well. For instance, we can’t take our eyes off the back of the ballgown below (the Ophelia, also from Riki Dalal Haute Couture). Did we help you find your dress?




Ophelia – NB6011 (3)_preview