​20 Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Use

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When you’re trying to decide what kind of wedding favors you should give to your guests, one thing you should consider is if they’ll keep them. After all, it’s such a waste of money if your guests are trashing the favors as soon as they get home. Here are our favorite wedding favors that we think guests will actually use:

  • Soap. Everybody needs to stay clean, right? This is the perfect gift. You can find them in lots of colors and styles these days. Have fun with it.
  • Recipe Cards. Recipes cards that share amazing recipes are always practical and useful. You can print your own or find nicely styled cards with a simple search on Etsy.
  • Plant seeds. This is definitely a recent trend and we can see why. Seeds are reasonably priced favors (approx. $175 for 100 packets of seeds) and everybody has something to remember and nurture after your special day.
  • Bottle Opener. Bottle openers as favors may seem a little “not fun” until you see some of the cool styles you can find online.
  • Chocolate. Get creative by picking interesting shapes and designs for chocolate favors.
  • Potted Plant. Easy-to-care-for potted plants are all the rage. They are also larger in size which makes them feel more expensive than they are.
  • Tote bags. Tote bags are extremely useful and durable. Even better if the design is pretty.​
  • Jelly, Jam, Honey & Other sticky stuff. Jars of honey, jam, or peanut butter are the perfect (and yummy) favors.
  • Customized M&M’s. M&M’s with fun sayings make the perfect personalized gift.
  • Donations. In lieu of favors, place a card at every table explaining that you chose to donate money to a charity that has a lot of significance for both of you.
  • Candles. Try to choose a scent that has significance to you, perhaps the smell of both of your favorite desserts or fruits.
  • Popcorn. We’re seeing more and more executions of this favor idea. Flavored popcorn, beautiful packaging, and cute sayings really turn it into a favorite.
    Tea packages. Give your guests tea packets. You can pick a blend, customize the package and get a nice little card attached.
  • Coffee. Much the same as the tea favor, you can now customize coffee favors any way you can think of. Energize your guests.
  • S’mores. Give your guests a S’mores kit complete with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, and watch their faces light up.
  • Flip-Flops. Flip-flops make the perfect favor because they will come in good use during the wedding and after.
  • Liquor. Mini bottles of liquor — such as wine, champagne, whiskey, or tequila — can make really cute favors if you package them upright.
  • Recipes and Ingredients. These pretty recipe cards are perfect for sharing your favorite secret or not-so-secret recipe that everyone always asks you about.
  • Candy Bags. Let your guests go trick or treating at your wedding and fill their bags up with candy from a candy bar.

Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Use