14 Wedding Program Templates You Can Customize Online

Instead of stressing over finding just the right wording and design, why not create your own wedding program with help from all sorts of templates sprinkled around the Internet? Just like the gorgeous Greenery and Gold collection wedding program above, these programs can double as keepsakes for your guests and they’re completely tailored to your every whim.

Take a peek at the style genre they fall in and then jump on to add in your own set of details to make it truly your own! All of these templates are easy to customize but even better… they’re free to use!

14 Customizable Wedding Program Templates for the DIY Bride

Classic | Shutterfly

Style: Elegant, timeless, classic

A classic wedding deserves classic details and that’s where this program comes in. It already includes traditional wording that you can play around with and fill in with any extra details that you need to personalize.

Over 41+ Choices | Canva

Style: Variety, trendy, versatile

Canva offers a wide variety of wedding program templates to sift through. They’re all quite trendy and seem to serve all kinds of varying styles ranging from convention to unconventional for any bride and their ultimate vision for the perfect day.

Lavender | Mountain Modern Life

Style: Rustic, vintage, wistful

This lavender-inspired design is perfect for springtime affairs. And what’s so great about this template is that it also comes complete with a fan DIY (a great option for outdoor weddings) and a matching invitation set.

Modern | Wedding Creations

Style: Modern, crisp, youthful

For something a bit offbeat but with a modern twist, check out this template design. Change the colors and reword the verbiage to fit your theme and personality, but the overall contemporary vibe is quite fashion-forward.

Heart-Shaped | The Knot

Style: Romantic, trendy, themed

Here’s another offbeat cutie that our trendy brides are going to swoon for. These heart-shaped templates are perfect for those with a thematic vision or who want to add an extra bout of romance to the mix. It’s a timely pick for those getting married in February and on or close to Valentine’s day.

Pink & Blue | The Domestic Domicile

Style: Traditional, classic, feminine

This pink and blue design has all the quintessential components for a tasteful wedding. It’s also a great way to drop a pop of contrasting colors with minimalist font design. Check out the template to make your customizations and follow along with the included tutorial to complete the rest of the design.

Humorous | Offbeat Bride

Style: Eclectic, youthful, funny

If you really want to add a dash of personality to your program, go with something that has a surprisingly humorous flow. This template from Offbeat Bride will help you get off on the right foot in both words and design. It’s also a great way to relay information to your guests about the reception (DJ song requests, if the bar is open, etc.)

Accordion Fold | Boho Weddings

Style: Minimalist, tasteful, boho

This minimal design is a nice option for those that want something with no fuss and even more affordable printing with its black and white layout. The design is perfect for those wanting to section off different parts of the wedding program for a clean look. It also gives guests a delightfully surprising reveal when they unravel their program.

Red Flourish | Southworth

Style: Formal, floral, traditional

This red flourish design falls into the more traditional wedding categories. We like how this works great for events that are more formal and the floral design gives it a very bridal vibe. This is perfect for those planning their grand event with a program to match.

Flower Garden Booklet | Budget Savvy Bride

Style: Floral, spring, detailed, feminine

Looking to add a little bit more than a basic rundown of the wedding program? Use a booklet! This DIY booklet with a feminine, country flair is eight pages held together by a ribbon and its perfect for those needing more room for all the ceremony and reception details. It can also double as a nice keepsake for guests depending on what you put in it!

Wheel | Offbeat Bride

Style: Eclectic, unique, trendy

Again, if you’re looking for something that’s more outside-the-box than a classic design, look no further than this “fortune wheel” program. Guests will love uncovering the different stages of the wedding program, making these quite the memorable pick (so much so that it makes you want to make them for other events)! Hop over now to follow along with the template design and the DIY that follows.

Fan | Aylee Bits

Style: Classic, traditional, feminine

Another fan option comes in the form of these beauties. It too has a quintessential bridal feel with its flourishes and timeless font options – just personalize and assemble. Guests will love fanning this one out, especially during the ceremony when it can get a bit stuffy in a crowded area or outside during the hot spring/summer months.

Over 67+ Choices | Template.net

Style: Variety, trendy, versatility

This is another spot that will give you a multitude of viable and versatile options. There are tons of templates to choose from – and in various formats making it totally accessible. Truly, the creative options here are endless and we recommend trying out a few before deciding which one is the ultimate choice.

Timeline + Tissue | Something Turquoise

Style: Modern, thoughtful, practical

Put a modern spin on your wedding program with a timeline style program that also includes a selection of complimentary tissues for all those heartfelt moments throughout the ceremony and reception. These beautiful cuts come in a gold and red version ready to be filled with all your celebration details that will excite guests while keeping them up-to-date on future events.