11 Things From Walmart You’ll Want On Your Wedding Registry

The task of creating a wedding registry can be a lot of fun for a couple. However, it can also be confusing deciding what belongs on the list and what does not. Well, if you find yourself a little disoriented and unsure, we are here to help you. Below we have a few wedding registry ideas, along with eleven things you will want on your wedding registry. However, if you are looking for a broader list you could head over to 120 Best Wedding Registry Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy — these items come in different price ranges, so you can pick in the prices you are comfortable with.

Foam Mat: One of those items that can slip your mind and many don’t think of buying themselves. A foam mat is great for exercise and for kids play, or to just rest your feet and protect your floors. It’s easy for guests to buy, and easily one item you would be glad you added to the list.

Bocce Ball: Also easy and handy for a guest to pick up, is the Bocce ball set. Great for family outdoor activities at the beach, backyard or lawn, makes a thoughtful gift. This is possible one, which will still be used for years to come; before and after kids.

Adjustable Wrench: There is nothing quite as frustrating as needing a wrench or even a hardware set when you do not have one. There’s also a lot of tight spots in the home a wrench can get you out of, even better an adjustable one. Moving to a new home usually requires putting furniture together and pulling stuff apart, which would need tools. Ergo, just one more much-needed item that can easily slip your mind and is just as easy for a guest to pick up.

Table Games: Asides eating, another activity that can easily bring a family together in one room is table games. Long forgotten in this world of the internet, table games are great for families to relax and spend time together. Games like Monopoly, chess, or even foosball added to the game room, will do the trick.

Cheese Grater: There’s an array of cheese graters for your guests to choose from, metal heavyweight one; the handy one that doubles as a lemon zester. Also, we all love cheese, don’t we? A cheese grater is a home basic requirement for cooking that also jazzes up the look of your kitchen.

Measuring Tape: While seemingly inappropriate or not needed, a tape measure is an invaluable gift and one item, which is needed around the house a lot. Also if you’re moving into a new place, you’re surely going to find more than one reason to use it. So, instead of waiting till you forget to buy it yourself, just include it in your wedding registry.

Throw Pillow: You can never run out of uses for a throw pillow, or two, or three in the household. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to include it in your list. Guests can pick up a couple, or a set, depending on your preference or choice.

Kitchen Towels: There can never be too many kitchen towels. The more the merrier, and stores have a great variety to choose from. Needed for cleaning counters, to lifting hot pots and pans, and cleaning wet hands. Families run out of kitchen towels all the time and have to buy more. The very reason it should be included in your list of wedding registry items.

Wedding Set: many shops present the soon-to-be-married couple with a variety of wedding sets to choose from for their registry. There’s wedding dinnerware sets, lovely and delicate decanter sets, cheese board sets, even baking sets. Each definitely important to a couple looking to start a home.

Storage Bins: These invaluable and usually beautiful to behold boxes come in different shapes, textures, and sizes. A family can never have enough of these. Some types fit in the room, under or beside the bed, others in the kitchen or laundry room. There is always extra stuff, especially when you combine your things with your partner’s in your new home. These storage bins help create space even when we think we don’t need more, and worth considering for a wedding registry.

A Fire Extinguisher: Last but most definitely not least. The fire extinguisher is also an item that skips the minds of lots of people but is very essential. While it might not seem appropriate as a gift, it is one your wedding guests will understand the importance of. Also, a measure of practicality never hurt anyone, so, go on, find that fire extinguisher in the required size. Add it to your wedding registry immediately. No one ever wants a fire they can’t put out.

These here are a few of our favorites for couples lacking in wedding registry ideas. So, it’s time to cross out one more item on your to-do list. Create your wedding registry list; one more step towards your special day and beautiful life together.