10 Groom Outfits Featuring Bow Ties

If you’re looking to kick your wedding outfit up a notch, a bow tie is a great accessory to consider. Many people assume bow ties are reserved for only formal events, but many modern grooms are using bow ties to showcase their personal style and make a statement.

Bow ties can be used in a variety of ways: to complete a tuxedo or suit or to dress up semi-formal and casual attire—the options are endless. Here’s some inspiration to get you excited for the big day.

Kick off our inspo is a formal tuxedo for a black tie or black tie optional wedding. Grooms can wear a black or white/ivory bow tie to complete this classic look. Your groom will feel like James Bond in this traditional ensemble.

Wanting a traditional look but with a little pizazz? This groom is truly a star with his emerald green suit. He finished the look with neutral accessories, including a white bow tie. It’s a great mix of modern and classic.

Are you drawn to words like “playful” and “dapper”? This groom takes the cake with his vintage-inspired outfit. This boho groom went with a tweed suit, complementary vest and a whimsical feather bow tie for his rural barn wedding in Pennsylvania.

For a more casual approach, lose the suit jacket altogether and add a colorful patterned bow tie. This really allows the focus to stay on the groom; bow ties draw attention away from the torso and emphasize the face. This groom added brown leather suspenders for a touch of vintage flair for his beach wedding in Santa Rosa.

If you’re looking for something in between laid back and formal, a gray suit does the trick. It’s a great option for a park or garden wedding and works for many seasons. Pair the outfit with a patterned bow tie, but avoid a super loud color or print for a timeless look. Subtle patterns like stripes or small polka dots are best.

Are you a statement-making groom? This outfit is for you! We’re obsessed with luxe textures for a fall or winter wedding and this bold velvet suit is top notch. We love how the groom paired it with a black button-down shirt and colorful bow tie (which was made out of his bride’s vintage wedding dress). Such a stunning and sentimental accessory.

The bride has her something blue and now the groom can too! We adore this baby blue bow tie. It adds a nice pop of color next to the dark navy suit and really draws attention to the groom’s eyes. For southern flair, this groom had a boutonniere made of cotton balls and greens.

As mentioned before, a bow tie can really allow the groom to show off his more quirky side and this next look definitely works. To add some flair to his casual attire, this groom opted for a bold tropical, palm leaf bow tie for his beach wedding. It’s super fun and totally on theme. We also love the colorful florals in the boutonniere for an extra pop of color.

Another take on formal attire is this white tuxedo paired with a custom black leather bow tie and ebony lapels. It really shows off the groom’s style while also keeping a classic aesthetic.

For our final look, this classic groom went with a natural linen suit, and a matching green vest and bow tie. It’s perfect for an outdoor wedding and the colors pair nicely together. The bow tie just adds a touch of sophistication to this semi-formal attire.

If you’re still unsure if a bow tie is the right fit for you, practice wearing a regular tie versus a bow tie with a suit. Whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable is the winner.