10 Delicious Gift Ideas for Your Bridal Party

We all know friends that are die-hard foodies, and when it comes time to get them a bridesmaid gift, it can be a hard decision. Luckily, we have put together a pretty great list of unique and unexpected bridal party gift ideas that we are sure your tribe will love. Nothing on this list will get shoved into a drawer and forgotten.

Try The World Gift – Snacks Subscription

What an incredibly cool gift idea for your bridal party! There is no doubt people are in love with subscription boxes. If you are looking for the perfect bridal party gifts for your busy best gals that are always on the go – this is it. And, it is a gift that keeps on giving. The Try The World “Snacks Subscription box delivers a yummy selection of mouth-watering snacks from around the globe to your best friend’s doorstep every month. It’s the perfect solution for their busy lifestyles cause it provides easy, on-the-go snacking.

Coffee Subscriptions

For your java loving friends, how about a coffee subscription? Trade offers an unbelievable experience because of their handpicked selection of 400+ coffees roasted around the country. But the best part of this experience is that they “match” you with the best beans that genuinely have your girl’s taste buds singing. Coffee lovers no longer have to source their new roasters and beans. And don’t worry, the beans are certified as Fair Trade-certified coffee, which means that the coffee beans and processes have been audited throughout the supply chain to make sure that they meet specific labor standards and sustainability.

Best Bridal Party Gifts For Your Food-Loving Friends

DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Any of your bridal party girls like their food hot? And always complaining that they can’t find the perfect hot sauce? Take a look at this unique 2021 bridal party gift idea. A DIY Hot Sauce Kit. It includes distinctive spices and the tools to whip up unique hot sauces at home. Now your heat-loving gals can make their own heat.

Sleek Elegance Wine Decanter

Who doesn’t personalized gifts? This sleek and elegant wine decanter is the perfect bridesmaid gift. A 30 oz. aerating wine decanter makes entertaining extra special in 2021. Customized with the first initial of your besties, we are sure that they will love this bridesmaid gift.

A StoveTop Espresso Maker

What? No more trips to the coffee gods that write names on cups? The Moka Express at-home espresso maker has become quintessential and has allowed tons of consumers to totally enjoy tasty Italian espresso and coffee right from the comfort of their own home. The Bialetti Moka stovetop coffee maker is easy to use and produces an authentic and rich espresso in just minutes. What an unbelievably unique gift for your java loving bridesmaids.

Unique Bridesmaid Gifts Your Gals Will Actually LOVE

Charcuterie Board

Yes! Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now and perfect for your bridesmaids that love to host parties and events. We love this one because it has space for your favorite meat and cheese but also has a slide-out drawer for cutlery. Pretty ingenious. – Made out of beautiful bamboo-this charcuterie platter is waiting for the next event and for some yummy crackers, brie, and meat.

Grilled Personal Pizza Maker

How wonderful is this? A personal at-home pizza maker for your grill! Design and craft your own yummy brick oven-style pizza in your backyard. If your girls are pizza fanatics, they will love this bridal party gift idea. And what could be better than visiting each other’s homes to sample and indulge with each of their own unique pizza combinations? An excellent reason to get together with your girls.

Italian Cheesemaking Kit

An ideal gift for all the cheese heads out there. This Italian cheesemaking kit includes all the ingredients and tools that you need to make ten mouthwatering batches of Italian cheese. You can absolutely turn your kitchen into a fully functional cheese shop. Just add the milk! And in just a few short hours, amateur cheesemakers can craft batches of their favorite artisan-style cheeses, including mascarpone, mozzarella, ricotta, and Salata. Totally a unique and unforgettable bridal party gift.

Tea Tasting Assortment Presentation Box

If your bestie loves a good ole’ cup of tea, gift her a tea tasting assortment, Tea Forte’s tea sampler set is a wonderful gift. It includes 20 flavors from Ginger Lemongrass and Earl Grey; she’ll quickly find her next favorite brew.

Electric Wine Opener

Pretty safe to say that tons of people struggle to open wine bottles. With this unique gift idea, that savory glass of wine will be easy to uncork. Introducing the Secura Electric Wine Opener. It is an automatic wine opener that is rechargeable, petite in size, and even has a foil cutter—an excellent gift for wine lovers.

No matter what gift you choose to bestow on your bridal party, your gift will be received with much joy and love. Giving them something that is unique and interactive that allows you to make memories together into the future is priceless.

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