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What the Color of Your Wedding Dress Says About You

We know that certain colors tend to create different meanings, and that’s no exception in the world of wedding gowns. Red evokes a sense of passion and pink exudes youthful femininity. When you’re trying to create a sense of warmth and welcomed appeal in your home, you may go the traditional route by dipping your living room in dark neutrals or if you’re creating a sense of calmness you may decide to dress a bedroom in blue.

So, what happens when you want a bohemian wedding or a ceremony that hints at mysterious romance? Well, you start with the dress, of course.

If you’re wondering what the color of your wedding dress says about you, look no further than our cheat sheet below. We’ve taken all of the most popular bridal tones and expanded on their meanings, their messages, and what kind of vibes they dwell best in.

Wedding Dress Colors & Their Meanings


plush pink wedding gown


This dazzling and delicate pink has been consistently popular in the wedding scene for years. There’s something really romantic and pure about a bride that’s been dipped in blushing pinks.

And in present times, it’s nearly as traditional as going with a white or ivory gown. For those looking for a youthfully spirited and trendy event, this is the route to take when it comes to the ensemble.


lilac wedding gown


Purple is the color of royalty and when it comes to a bridal look lavender is the shade to dress in. This soft, feminine color brings about a more womanly ethos than its blush counterpart. Those that lean towards this pastel shade tend to be quick-witted, fearless, and fun, which is a perfect way to describe an entire wedding day’s theme and decor.

Powder Blue

powder blue wedding gown


Blue tones are known for being some of the most calming of the entire color wheel. Associated with the water and sky, it’s also a very natural, organic shade that expresses well among all skin tones. Worn correctly, there’s a certain amount of femininity, loyalty, and confidence that it holds for the bride as well.


red wedding gown


Passion, poise, and sex appeal, red is the boldest of the entire bunch. If you’re looking to bring mystery and power to your bridal look then this is the shade to dress the day in.

In fact, in many different cultures including Asian celebrations, red wedding gowns are some of the most popular and traditional with its symbolism being that of excitement and energy.


gold wedding gown


Glamorous in gold, our most extravagant of brides tend to shimmy into this sparkling, metallic shade. Formal events usually get this kind of shining makeover. But the shade itself is known for being brave, illuminating, and found to be sprinkled with some magic as well. If you’re looking for a fairy-tale style event, turn the tables a bit and find yourself a gold wedding gown.

Mint Green

mint green wedding gown


Green is another color that evokes a sense of serenity and peacefulness, similar to blue. But this shade has a bit more of nature’s touch involved. There’s natural ease surrounding these gowns and when it comes to mint a delicate charm as well.

Perfect for springtime affairs and ones that have a boho vibe attached, this choice can be such a gorgeous and surprising addition to the big day.


black wedding gown


One of the least popular of the bunch is black. For a more formal, modern, and sophisticated of an event, we may see a bride rocking a black gown as she sashays down the aisle.

Dipped in this midnight shade, confident, strong women are who decides on one of these elegant designs. Think Sarah Jessica Parker who wore a black wedding gown, or those wanting to represent power, contemporary fashion, wealth, and an air of mystery.