We’ve Upgraded! Here’s What’s New

What’s New?

A new fee model

Creating a listing on POWD is still just $15 for our salons/multilpe sellers to start (depending on your discount tier/amount of listings), and when your dress sells, you keep 85% of the sale value. We are here to discuss custom rates if you are a volume seller. Our team is motivated to aggressively market your dress and sell it for top dollar because your success is our success!

We’re handling the financial transaction & processing fees

Sellers let us know that they didn’t like working with PayPal and that they wanted to be better protected during their transactions, so we’ve decided to take care of this. We handle the payment, including processing fees, sales tax, shipping and any extras to help ensure a smooth transaction.

Hands-free, done-for-you marketing

We are investing aggressively in marketing for our bridal marketplace and items, bringing more brides-to-be and targeted eyeballs to your listings. Almost all of the 15-20% commission we earn is going back into advertising to drive more brides to POWD’s marketplace. Our marketing plan includes targeting brides who have already viewed your listing and bringing them back for another look! 

Automated prepaid & insured* shipping

Buy a box (or use one from home), print the prepaid UPS label (shipping is on us!) that we email you and drop the dress off for shipping. Easy!

*Shipments originating from the US or Canada are insured for your protection

Buyers can pay over time using Affirm financing

The gold standard for digital “buy now, pay later” financing, we’ve partnered with Affirm to make your wedding dress accessible to even more buyers! With Affirm, buyers can finance their purchase over time and YOU get paid upfront.

Better listing management

Sort and search your listings by designer, style, size, or sold and more. Going away on vacation? Pause your listing as needed, and unpause it when you return, refreshed and relaxed. We will be launching features soon that also let you push your listings to other marketplaces so you can manage all your listings from one place. 

Upgraded listings

Take advantage of our NEW advanced listing form.  To capture the eyes of more shopping brides, log in ASAP and update your listings. Don’t worry – we’ll guide you through what you need to update once you log in and go to edit your listing. 

  • Automated listing descriptions
    SEO optimized, saving you time and helping your dress get found on our marketplace and on search engines like Google.
  • Advanced listing features
    Our new listing format now allows you to select keywords and multiple style options that will feed into our advanced search engine. Once you update your listings and select these new options, your dresses will be found by more brides.
  • Visual style options
    Things like necklines, silhouette, etc to ensure you select the right one so that your dress is found by the right bride.
  • Broader accessory options
    Detachable trains and sleeves are now an accessory! Plus a few more options we know you’ll like.

Improved customer support

Our team has intimate knowledge of the bridalwear industry and is ready to assist you should a complication arise during your sale. From fine-tuning your listing (to help your dress sell faster) to mediating a conflict should one come up, our dedicated team is here to assist from listed, to sold, to shipped, to newly-loved! We no longer leave it up to you to handle all the hard work, our team is your partner and invested in being on the front lines. 

A more secure bridal marketplace

We’ve invested in creating a secure platform that sellers and buyers can trust, including a secure buyer-to-seller chat system that is private to the public but visible to our support team. Send pictures and videos, or organize a video call!

Combined with integrated payment processing and simplified shipping, POWD takes the stress and risks out of the sale.

Dive into our new website or check out how your listings and new seller dashboard look with our new design!

Why the Big Change?

Thank you for all the support and words of encouragement we have received since we launched the new site yesterday. We are still working through some bugs on our side (please be patient, but definitely let us know if you see anything weird!).

The good news is that the site is already getting more traffic, engagement and rave reviews from brides, which is super exciting. While the feedback from salons has been overwhelmingly positive, a few people have asked why we made such a big change, specifically concerned about having to pay 20% of the total dress sale amount to us as a platform (keeping 80% of the sale value for yourselves). We think it is worth taking you through the details so you can understand the plan and the longer-term vision. 

To clarify, individual sellers will pay 20% revenue share to us (and keep 80% for themselves), while salons and professional sellers will pay a rate of 15% revenue share (and keep 85% of the proceeds). We will also have individual discussions with our larger salons/sellers about custom rates if you list a lot of dresses with us (if that is you contact us to discuss rates). For our share of revenue, PreOwned will be responsible for covering all shipping, insurance, sales tax and sitewide discount programs (see below for details). These are all costs sellers were responsible for before. 

The core reason we are making this change comes down to the number one piece of feedback we received from BOTH brides and sellers for years. Everybody wants a safe, fast and secure way to buy/sell a wedding dress on a single platform without having to resort to PayPal or Cashapp or lots of emails back and forth on shipping and everything that comes from that. It was a bad experience for both brides and sellers, many complained. Brides want to search, find and buy through a trusted platform and not have to go through Paypal/Venmo/CashApp and to have options like Buy Now Pay Later as well as security through shipping tracking and insurance. They also want to know that their money is secure, something that they don’t trust when they are made to go off platform. 

Sellers want to sell dress(es) fast and efficiently and to get all their products in front of as many people as possible. Sellers want to automate all the admin work and back and forth in order to spend time growing their business. These changes allow us to solve both problems. 

Some non-obvious things that this allows us to do as a platform is run specials and handle marketing on a seller’s behalf. For example, we plan to periodically run 20% off all dresses, and that would all come out of our PreOwned revenue share. We will use these sitewide specials to drive increased sales with no impact on seller prices.

We are also offering Buy Now Pay Later financing for all dresses, which we know 65% of brides have asked for. The ability to pay for a dress over time will radically increase sales of dresses and there is no work on the seller end (you get your payment upfront!).

In addition, we are now handling a bunch of manual work for sales by automating shipping and tracking emails to brides and handling things if a package is delayed or lost. No more brides emailing about where their package is, that is all handled by us automatically. We’re also offering an additional layer of dispute protection, where PayPal’s lack of expertise and experience in the bridal space meant that they often took buyers’ side when they clearly shouldn’t have. We’re now able to offer a more fair mediation to all parties involved. Our new listing management system is much improved and soon we will also be offering the ability to list your items on other marketplaces, saving you more time and giving you even more reach.

Finally, we will invest in advertising to drive even more brides to the site. Right now, advertising is out of reach for most salons because of a lack of scale, but that is not the case for us. We expect to invest almost all of the 20% revenue share back into funding more aggressive direct marketing and retargeting to bring brides to our marketplace. When a bride sees your dress, we will retarget her to remind her and urge her to come back and buy. These are all things this new economic model allows us to do on your behalf, automatically and ultimately designed to drive more sales to you. 

Our goal as a platform is to put salons on equal footing with the big brands in the space and to use our scale and new marketing to ultimately help you sell a lot more dresses and grow your business. If you’re hesitant at the moment, we totally understand. We ask that you give us a chance to prove that we are here to help you grow your business and that the investment you are making in us is going to be repaid in spades. We know this change is a big one and we hope that you’ll see the value 💜.