The Protection Of

Hopefully, anyone who uses is aware that we recommend for all transactions.  Simply put, it offers the most protection for both the buyer and the seller. (Read how and why here).

I’m always glad to share a bride’s personal experience with the service.  So when I received Trudy’s sold notice and comments about her experience, I asked her to share it on our blog.  Here is what she said…

Trudy's dress will soon be part of another big day.

“ was the key to my transaction on  The gown I was selling had some minor damage that would need to be repaired, and that understandably made it a little harder to buy sight unseen.  The buyer wanted to send me half of the money up front and then half after she saw the dress, which made me a little uncomfortable.

Luckily, I had seen that recommended using, so I decided to look into it.  It turned out to be the perfect solution to our dilemma!  The buyer and I simply agreed that she would have 7 days to inspect the dress, and I would pay for the service as long as she decided to keep it, and then did the rest.  We both felt comfortable and fully informed throughout the process, and I got my check in just a couple of days.  Thanks to I was able to sell my wedding dress in less than a month, and I even got my full asking price!”’s fees are comparable to paypal’s, but the protection for the buyer and seller is better.  We’d love to see every online buyer and seller experience the safe transactions it offers.

Note: is not affiliated with in any way.  To help decrease fraud, does not accept credit card payments for apparel purchases.