The Look for Less | Mirrors

Sarah Pease | Brilliant Event Planning: Don’t just use mirrors to get ready on your wedding day – use them to decorate! A mirror can substitute the current wall décor at your venue, open up your space, dress up your ceremony site, make a perfect centerpiece, and more. Check out ways you can use mirrors at your wedding in unexpected, beautiful ways on a shoe string budget.

On your next vintage shopping spree, thrift store trip, or flea market expedition, keep an eye out for quirky, framed mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Once you’ve collected a few framed mirrors, you could post them in clusters on a wall or hang them on pretty string for an inexpensive high impact look. Mix and match your vintage mirror finds for an eclectic and unique look. If you want them all to match or would like a more modern look, use a little spray paint to transform your finds.

Images: Alders Photography (left) Flutter Glass Photography (right)

Aren’t convinced mirrors can provide you with a gorgeous look for less? Here are a few more ideas:

  • Add a mirror as a centerpiece to your cake or place card table. A full-length mirror in the center of your table will give the table a reflecting pool quality that will impress your guests!
  • Serve your hors d’ oeuvres during cocktail hour on mirrored trays. Simply add handles (you can find them at any hardware store!) to small framed mirrors for a unique way to start your celebration.
  • Want a lounge at your wedding but don’t have a big enough budget to rent furniture? Borrow end tables and coffee tables from friends and family and glam them up by adding appropriately sized framed mirrors to the tops.

For all you suburban brides that may not have immediate access to local thrift shops, I’ve seen great deals on mirrors at places such as Home Goods, Target, and even Home Depot. Look in the clearance and sale sections and don’t be afraid of mirrors that have nicked frames – you can always correct them with a little paint or distress the frame further using a hammer.

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Today’s feature was written by Sarah Pease of NYC’s Brilliant Event Planning. Specializing in proposal and wedding planning,  they are known for combining immaculate design and precise planning and have produced event experiences for everyone from celebrities and professional athletes to their next door neighbors.