The Look for Less: Edible Favors – Affordable and Delicious

A wedding favor is a small item given, as a token of appreciation, to your guests for coming to your wedding. The problem with favors is that they are often something that the guest will actually never use, and in such cases they are often – it’s true, we are there for the clean-up – left behind.

I find that the most well-received favors are edible! I am a huge fan of the edible wedding favor myself because, let’s be honest, who really needs a votive candle with someone else’s monogram on it? No one. Who needs a little snack after a long night of drinking and dancing? I do!

We are seeing a trend in “classic” wedding favors such as boxing up an extra slice of wedding cake to be passed out at the end of the night. It is a great way to send your guests off with a sweet treat for breakfast or even for that night. You can order a simple sheet cake from your cake company and ask your planner, reception venue or the cake company to box up the slices for your guests and have them displayed as your guests exit. Who can pass on a slice of wedding cake – not me – and taking one for the road is always appreciated!

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Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle with a bow is a very classic wedding favor that is making a come back. It is perfect for the classic or vintage wedding that is tossing back to their parents or even grandparents weddings. They come in so many colors that you can even customize to your wedding, and you can modernize the packaging with a cut box tied with a ribbon.

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Beau-coup has some great favor packaging from single serving cake boxes to jars and bags!

Another great edible wedding favor is to stay local!

That said, if you are getting married in Savannah, it might be nice to treat your guests a taste of our local flavor – the same is true for any destination. We have some great candy and cookie companies here in Savannah if you are looking to satisfy the sweet tooth among your friends and family.

Savannah Candy Kitchen is located on River Street…which is a good place to start. They have a lot of classic Savannah confections that are made fresh right there in the store.

Pecans are very Southern, very Savannah, and these two classics – Pecan Pralines (left) and Southern Divinity (right) – ensure a sweet ending to the night.

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A little snack goes a long way at midnight, so if you want to provide a favor that is sure to be a hit, any of these will do!

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