The Look for Less: Autumn’s Potted Gold

You need only go to your local grocery store or garden center, or possibly take a walk around your neighborhood, to know that it is indeed Autumn.  Summer plants are out and big containers of Hardy Mums abound.  They are on the doorsteps of 95% of the houses on my street and I see a new color every day – from bright whites, yellows and pinks, to spicy oranges and reds.

They are eye-catching and, if you shop around, can be purchased on the cheap.  Potted plants are an amazing way to bring color and flowers into your wedding décor for a fraction of the price of cut flowers – and the abundant blooms on these Autumn treasures are the ultimate example.  Imagine them lining your aisle or the foot of the altar!  The right size could even be a full and beautiful centerpiece.

The Look for Less: Autumn's Potted Gold

And don’t forget another benefit of potted plants – they are packaged to last!  Send them home with your guests, decorate your new nest or donate them to a local school, nursing home, or church.

Today’s The Look for Less was written by Ainsley Crowell  of Tricia Huddas & Co.
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