The Benefits of

Whenever a buyer or seller asks me the best payment method to use, I always answer offers protection for both sides.  It protects the buyer from an item not being shipped or not being as described.  And it protects the seller by verifying the buyer’s funds before the seller ships the dress.

Consuelo, who sold her Monique Lhuillier gown on the site in June, used  I asked her to share her experience with the service, so others could benefit from her knowledge.  Here’s what she said:

“Once I found a serious buyer for my wedding gown, I started researching ways to carry out the transaction safely and hassle-free. I was especially concerned about safety because I was selling the dress to someone in the United Kingdom.

At first I was thinking of using Paypal (I even had it as a requirement in my ad), but then realized that it wouldn’t work because of several reasons. Then, I looked into because PreOwnedWeddingDresses recommended it.

I decided to do the entire transaction through Escrow because it offered incredible safety for both the buyer and seller.

Using made the entire process incredibly easy and stress-free.

The buyer and I signed up to Escrow; I made a contract on the Escrow website; the buyer signed it; the buyer wired the money; Escrow secured the money and held it; I sent the dress to the UK with tracking; a 3-day revision period passed; and Escrow released the funds.

The buyer and I kept in touch the entire time and Escrow walked us through each and every step.

I had a minor problem in the end, which is that the 3-day revision period passed and my buyer hadn’t “accepted” the dress on the Escrow wesite, so the funds hadn’t been released to my account.

I emailed Escrow the tracking information from UPS (to prove that the dress had gotten there more than 3 days before then) and I had the money in my bank account in a matter of hours.

This is to say that Escrow will honor the contract that you both sign: Escrow will release the funds to the seller if the revision period is over and they haven’t received any comments from the buyer.

What I loved most about Escrow is that it walks you through every step of the transaction and it tells you what to do at any given time, and even what not to do.”

You can read more about how works here.  And thank you, Consuelo, for taking the time to write about your experience.