Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott

I recently received a delightful email from Lainie about her October 2008 wedding.  It was a stunningly beautiful event, filled with a loving tribute to her late father, personal touches like a custom NY Times crossword puzzle for each guest, and exquisite flowers and décor.

Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott
Oh, and did I mention that Lainie was smart and savvy enough to plan the whole thing in 4 months and host it on a Sunday so it didn’t break the bank. In fact, she booked the venue TWO HOURS after her finance Scott proposed. (That has got to be some sort of record).

Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott

Their venue choice, The Crystal Plaza, was very sentimental selection because Lanie’s parents got married there 37 years ago.  And it was the closest she could get to having her father walk her down the aisle since he passed away two years before the wedding.

Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott

Lainie and Scott decided on a wedding brunch to celebrate their marriage.  Brunch was the perfect choice because it is their favorite meal and the one that they most often share with friends and family.  And by having a brunch reception, they were able to minimize costs yet serve delicious, comfort foods that almost everyone enjoys.  (They even served Lainie’ favorite – grilled cheese)!

Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott
Since the wedding was on a Sunday, and only booked 4 months out, Lainie and Scott were able to really negotiate with vendors who had resigned themselves to not having business booked that day.

Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott

And, an added bonus of a Sunday reception, their older relatives and parents’ friends were much more energetic and hit the dance floor much more than if they had had the wedding on a Saturday night!

Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott

Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott

Real Wedding: Lainie & Scott

Its no wonder Lainie says her wedding was the most spectacular day of her life.

Credits: Spitz & Peck Florist,  Salzman & Ashley Photography.
  1. I love your dress. Is it LaSposa Fanal? If so, do you have pics of the bustle? I am getting married in June and have no idea what the bustle will look like.

  2. Yes, it is the LaSposa Fanal (its in gold on the model on the website)

    It’s a magnificient French bustle! That was 1 of the big selling points for me! I’m sure I have some pics of it bustled in the millions I have. Is there an email address I can send them to you at? Last summer, the dress was on backorder. I ordered it in June and was lucky to receive it at the beginning of Sept! Mine is practically brand new – only worn for 5 hrs or so – if you’re interested!!!!!

    BTW, I still received zillions of compliments on the dress – from friends/family of all ages and both males and females! I wish I could wear it everyday!

  3. Hi Lainie,
    First off, GORGEOUS wedding!! I too would like to jump on the “bustle pics” bandwagon. I ordered the same dress and am about to go for fittings for my July wedding and would love to see how your french bustle was done. Also, if you have anymore pictures of just you in the dress that would be fabulous. I haven’t seen any real wedding photos of the dress…ever. Thanks so much! You can email me at

  4. That is such a beautiful wedding and I’m sure full of emotion for her whole family being at that locations. She is such a beautiful bride and her dress is stunning on her.

  5. Hi Lainie, Awesome pictures of the wedding. I’d also like to get some photos of the bustle if possible. Thanks! samantha.saephan(at)

  6. Hi Lanie!

    What a beautiful wedding day, and you were such a beautiful bride! I love your dress, the La Sposa Fanal. Would you be able to send more pictures along, including pictures of the bustle – I’m interested.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Hi Lainie,
    Congratulations to you and Scott. You look absolutely stunning in La Sposa Fanal. I have ordered the same dress for my wedding and it’s due in any day now. I would love to see how you bustled your dress. Could you please send me more photos? I’d love to see them.
    Mant thanks,
    Nikki (

  8. Hi Lainie! I am also a Fanal bride. You look absolutely fabulous in yours. I have been working on the bustle, and have had no luck with finding any options that I like. Can you possibly email me or post some pics of yours? That would be oh-so-helpful

  9. Hello too, You look stunning!!! I LOVE this dress, but am scared to order it as Im unsure what the bustle will look like. Ive tried it on twice now and just love it!! Please also email me pictures if you can – that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much 🙂

  10. Hi, just wondering what size your dress was and if you are still interested in selling it?

    You look great in it, by the way!


  11. Beatiful dress. I am interested in purchasing. Please send a reply with pictures of tags and labal of original dress. Thank you.

  12. Your wedding pictures are beautiful – and you look stunning! I also have this dress and am getting married on September 19th. The bustle is creating quite a headache for my future-mother-in-law/seamstress! Would you possibly be able to send me pictures as well? I would greatly appreciate it!! My email address is

    Thank you!!

  13. Hi! You look fab in the dress!! I am thinking of ordering this dress, but my only concern is that it’s too plain, and about the bustle. I owul dbe very grateful if you could email me pics of the bustle you had done to

    Thank you so much!

    Hannah x

  14. I love the pics of you in the dress, it looks great on you. I am considerring ordering Fanal but am concerned about how it will bustle. Can you please email me some pics of your bustle? Thank you so much.


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