in the Wall Street Journal was featured in 2 Wall Street Journal articles today! And I was thrilled to death with both. in the Wall Street Journal

In Christina Binkley’s article, Pre-Altared: More Used Wedding Gowns Go Back on Market, she talks about some of the stories she heard from buyers and sellers.  The stories reflect what I often hear.  How brides to be are delighted to find their dream dress for less.  And how past brides are truly happy to see their gown be a part of another wedding.

Even though I’ve been running this site for over 5 years, I still love hearing these stories and feel really grateful that the site can help a bride get the dress she’s dreamed about. in the Wall Street JournalIn Until the Best Offer Do Us Part, Jane Hodges reviewed different wedding dress resale sites.  Unbeknownst to us (and I’m sure the other sites), the Wall Street Journal posted the same dress/description on 4 different websites.  This “mystery shopping” review concluded that “ provided the most qualified buyers quickly” , “the responses for the free sites were either too few in coming or nonexistent” and the responses from another paid site “seemed dubious”  and “to be looking for our bank account information.”

This article was especially gratifying to me because it validates all of the hard work I’ve put into the site over the years.

So, I sit here appreciative, happy, and thankful. And committed to making the site the best possible experience for buyers and sellers.