Wedding Dress Cleaned by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

Plan Like A Pro | Sally Conant from The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

Sally Conant has been a proud partner of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists since 2010.  This network of wedding gown cleaning specialists will provide expert care for your wedding dress, both before and after your big day.  The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists is such a trusted resource, that over 70 top designers like Romona Keveza, Rivini, and Paloma Blanca sew Association care labels directly into their wedding gowns. And they’re always who recommends for your wedding gown care.

We’re delighted to share some of Sally’s expert tips and care advice today…..

What can a bride do to ensure a PreOwned gown looks absolutely perfect for her big day?

Look your gown over carefully for stains and soil.  If your gown was not cleaned after first bride’s wedding –  or not cleaned properly –  it may not look its best. Some brides worry about cleaning a dress before the wedding, but a gown care specialist can do it safely.  Brides who wore a used dress and then come to us after their wedding for a cleaning so often say they wish they’d also had the dress cleaned before too!

Alterations can give your dress an absolute perfect fit making it look its very best.  Do remember, if your gown needs cleaning, to have it cleaned before it is altered. Very often gown care specialists offer both cleaning and alterations.

Even if the gown you chose arrives well cleaned and fits you perfectly, it will—no matter how carefully it is packed—need to be pressed.  Photos will record every wrinkle so be sure to arrange for pressing on a schedule that suits you whether it is days or weeks before the wedding.

Wedding Dress Cleaned by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists
Listing 82148, cleaned by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

How soon after her wedding should a bride have her dress cleaned?

The sooner you have your gown cleaned, the easier it is to remove the stains from cake and wine and grass, but unless you were unfortunate enough to drench your entire gown in red wine or you tramped through mud, you might want to take some time to enjoy it.  The day goes by so fast most brides want to re-live the experience of wearing such a beautiful gown.

However, especially if your gown is silk, waiting six months to a year to find a Specialist to clean your gown is not a good idea.  An experienced cleaner can still give you a good result, but aged stains from liquid tans, wine, and perspiration are tough so the sooner they are attended to, the better.

Junko Yoskioka cleaned by The Assocation of Wedding Gown Specialists
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What’s the difference between cleaning and preservation?
Cleaning removes stains from your gown while preservation prevents oxidation from air and light so it does not turn yellow.  The two work together because the most important part of a successful preservation is a clean gown.  If all stains, both seen and unseen, are not removed before preservation, your gown will have dark brown spots where the sugar in latent stains has caramelized over time.

Some will tell you storing your clean gown in a bag is sufficient, but I have seen gowns that yellowed after a few years, and hanging is not good for your gown because it will, especially if it is lace, stretch out of shape.  Storing your clean gown with lots of acid-free tissue in the folds to prevent hard creases in a completely acid-free wedding chest is your best bet.


Want to consult an Association of Wedding Gown Specialists in your area?  Use their member locator here.