Nudes & Neutral Wedding Dress Colors (Pics + Inspo)

Most of us think white when we think wedding dresses. But is it really that simple?

In truth, wedding dress colors are a lot more varied than many brides believe. There are several different shades of white, all of which can create distinctly different impressions. Beyond that, wedding dress designers are expanding their color options more and more, meaning you don’t have to settle for white or ivory if you don’t want to.

Let’s explore some of the most common traditional and non-traditional wedding dress colors.

Nudes & Neutrals


Champagne is somewhat similar to ivory, although it usually includes more of a pinkish hue. Some people may call champagne pale gold, although it’s usually cooler than most shades of gold.


Blush is the pinkest of the nude shades. Still, blush is usually quite muted and grounded with grey hues, making it a soft and feminine option.


Mocha is a relatively new trend for wedding gowns. These dresses are a darker nude color with quite a bit of brown in them. In most cases, mocha gowns have a lace overlay in some shade of white.


Powder is a softer pink shade than blush. For brides who like blush gowns, but want something a little bit more subtle, powder is an excellent choice.


Gold is the most yellow of any of these neutral shades. With a richer, more present color, gold gowns are a classic way to make a statement.