Meet the Winner of Our $2,000 Wedding Dress Giveaway!

The most fun part of my day yesterday was calling Rose M. in Richmond, Virginia to tell her she had won our $2,000 Wedding Dress Giveaway.   Thanks to everyone who entered (we received more than 15,000 entries!) and stay tuned for more exciting giveaways come your way in 2011. $2,000 Wedding Dress Giveaway Winner: Rose M.

“Webb and I were friends while we were in school at the College of William and Mary but we lost touch after graduating. Our paths crossed again after I ran into a mutual friend during a business trip in Colorado who passed on a “hello” forme the next time he saw Webb. Using that as a window of opportunity—as well as some encouragement from his friends who left him notes and even secretly put me on his speed dial—Webb gave me a call. I thought he was just being friendly until he called a second time! We ended up going with a group of friends to a football game and while Webb was at the concession stand another friend turned to me and tooka turn at playing matchmaker. We decided to follow our friends’ leading and started
dating soon after that.

The beginning of our relationship consisted of many phone conversations and lots of driving since we were living over an hour away from each other, but this fall I moved to Richmond for a grad school program and we’re so glad to be in the same city! Webb is an accountant here for a family business and I’m working toward my Masters in Social Work. We’re both passionate about caring for the needs of the city and this fall we took a class about the history of Richmond. The place where we took the class is an old monastery that sits at the top of the city.

A few weeks ago, Webb took me there and proposed at night with a beautiful city skyline lit up behind us! Of course, one of the most fun parts about the proposal was calling our friends who have been so supportive since the beginning!

Our wedding will take place this summer in Richmond, Virginia. With a short timeline, we’ve had to dive head first into wedding planning, but we’re so excited and feel so blessed to get to spend the rest of our lives together! Thanks to everyone at for this awesome giveaway!”