Meet Our Wedding Dress Giveaway Winner!

It was so fun to call Alicia D. and tell her that she’d won our $2,000 Wedding Dress Giveaway!   We can’t wait to hear more about her wedding and see which gown she chooses.

Want to learn more about this adorable couple? Here’s the story of how they met:

Jonathan and I met while we were both in law school in Charleston, South Carolina.  I was a first year and he was in his third year. It wasn’t long after we met that I knew he was something special. Being with him was so easy and it was so refreshing to finally meet someone I could completely be myself around.   

Our first date was to a Carolina Panthers game in Charlotte and it was freezing and raining…not a good combination for me! I tried not to complain, which ended up being pretty easy because my face was frozen.  He kept me happy with endless hot chocolate and warm conversation.  And for the past three years he has continued to make me happier than I was the day before. 

Meeting Jonathan has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me! And the day he took me back to our law school and asked me to marry him was the happiest day of my life (well up to this point anyways…I imagine that our wedding day will most certainly top it!)

We’re getting married in December and I can’t wait for him to see me in my gorgeous dress from  Thank you so much for this amazing gift and I look forward to sharing some pictures!!

Congratulations again, Alicia! We are so thrilled to have a small part in your big day!