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Linda + Daniel | Tara Keely Real Wedding From Kelley Raye Photography

A marriage isn’t just the joining of two people, it’s also the joining of two families. And it some cases two cultures and religions.  What’s so special about this wedding is how Linda and Daniel created such an intertwined celebration of all of these things.  It was was a pretty and intimate affair and so deeply meaningful, I’m sure guests won’t soon forget being part of such a special day.

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The Ceremony
We had an intimate 80-person wedding at a family friend’s mansion on the lake. The ceremony was a combination of Chinese and Jewish traditions, complete with a tea ceremony, Jewish contract signing, and a traditional walk down the aisle.

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The Reception
We had a chill, lounge type reception where people could serve themselves at multiple stations inspired by our travels around the world, then wander through the house and freely mingle.

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Linda’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on 10 dresses and in the end I picked the first one I tried. It just felt right the moment I put it on, and trying other dresses just confirmed what I initially thought when I first reached for it.

linda-dan-210 linda-dan-214

How She Felt In Her Tara Keely Gown
Completely like myself


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
What matters most are the memories, not the dress. I wanted to give someone else a chance to enjoy the dress as much as I did.