Facebook Friday! Win a Bachelorette Party Pack!

How fun is today’s Facebook Friday Giveaway!

Every bride-to-be needs her last night out. And Bachelorette.com has all of the supplies you can think of to make the night even better.  Everything from attire to dress up the woman of honor, to gigantic engagement rings that double as shot glasses, to *ahem* decorations.

Today’s Facebook Friday has 3 great prizes! One winner will receive Bacherlorette.com’s Best Selling Party Pack which includes everything you need to host this important night.

And two second prize winners will each receive a $40 gift certificate to the site to select their own supplies. Like some of these….

Warning, before you check out all of the gear on Bachelorette.com, make sure your mom, (or boss, or younger sister) is not looking over your shoulder…. some their items have a raunchiness rating!