Enter Our Grand Wedding Contest | Win $1000 Cash For Your Wedding!

Simply elegant, whimsical or touched with tradition.  Whatever the style, your wedding represents so much about you, your partner and your life together.  Making it especially memorable could be easier than you think.

Enter our The Grand Wedding Contest and effortlessly secure your secret wedding splurge or must-have menu-item. You could win $1000 cash for your wedding. How you spend it is up to you! The tough part will be trying to decide where it’s best to invest; dress, photographer, invitations, flowers or any other element of your special day.

Lucky in love? You have that covered. Try your luck instead on creating your perfect wedding day, compliments of PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com. Enter on Facebook by February 6th!  The winner could be you!


  1. i could really use this to help out with our wedding. thank you so much for this opportunity. please enter me into the contest. anna-marie

  2. Just saw this site on Facebook and love it…I see even used Lazaro gowns are gonna break my budget lol…so beautiful 🙂 I’m very excited to browse through the rest of your site…I’m sure I will enjoy it <3

  3. Daughters wedding is set for June..need a miracle to pay for it !! 🙂 Found her dress on your site yay !!

  4. My fiance and I are high school sweethearts, both 21 years old and paying for our wedding ourselves. I hope we win the $1000; we would be so grateful!

  5. Excellent website, connecting past brides with future brides.
    A great job of up-cycling in economy where we need to learn reduce, reuse, recycle. Helping ALL SIZE women make beautiful memories in a dress they once thought they could not afford.!!! I Love it.

  6. I love this site, I’ve already found the dress I’m looking for on several occasions! This contest would be a HUGE help! My soon-to-be hubby is overseas right now, and winning this contest would make both our lives a little less stressful!

  7. I love this website. The photos are great because you can see every detail. Thank you for providing such a good website to find a dress! We would love to be entered to win this contest and be able to put more money towards making our big day even more special!

  8. This is exciting and being on a budget means every little but bit of extra help is always appreciated.

  9. We would love to win and show the site what we did with the money. We are going to be married in Chicago on nov 28th at 6:00pm. My new last name will be Gentleman (really). Thank you for your time.

  10. After my fiance broke both arms the medical bills almost made us cancel our wedding. Now we’re planning something small and simple. This would help!

  11. Please enter me into contest my fiancé and would appreciate any help. We love your website. Great place to shop if you are in a budget and still would love a great dress.


  13. I would love to win this contest. Me and my fiance will have to pay for most of our wedding and we’re really struggling. My grandmother just passed away last week and really want her to be proud of our wedding. TO have the wedding that she would’ve wanted to see. Nothing will replace her, but it’s the special touches that will count. I also have several grandparents who will not be able to travel and I would love to be able to have a really good photographer so that they are included.

  14. This would be a great help for us since we are trying to have the wedding of our dreams on a small budget. Thanks!

  15. Thank you for being such a wonderful site to resource, I’d love to be able to invest $1,000 of your cash to my dream wedding.

  16. I would like to be entered. My fiance and I are paying for our wedding, this would help so much! Thank you!

  17. Please enter me into the contest. My parents are so awesome to help me out and I would absolutely love to take some stress off of them. Love you mom and dad.

  18. My fiancé and I are paying for our own wedding after dating 14 years. We have a small budget of $5000 but are having trouble paying the remaining balances. Please enter me this would be amazing to help us have our wedding.

  19. I am marrying my bestfriend and soulmate. It was love at first sight. We will be combining a blended family consisting of seven children in all, so that money would be so welcomed.

  20. I would use it to pay for a good bit of my wedding since we really arent going overboard with it. Something simple and unique.

  21. Please enter me in the drawing! I’d spend it on:
    The food & drinks for all of our families to celebrate with us!

  22. $1,000 to ensure everyone we love can be included in our BIG day 🙂 So fun, thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Please enter me in your drawing I’m super excited to get merried to the love of my life before our baby girl comes into this wrold I am 5 months pregnant & my wedding date is Feb 16 2013 .This would be a big blessing cus God knows I’m just steeping by faith and throwing this wedding (:

  24. I’d love to be have a photo booth at my wedding in December!! This would make my special night so much more perfect!!! <3

  25. This prize would be a wonderful addition. It definitely would assist us in making this the wedding day we have always dreamed of.


  27. I would use it to start getting the stuff I need for my wedding…either on the dress, cake, or other necessary items. Thank u for this opportunity!

  28. After 10 years of being a single mother, I have finally found a wonderful man that completes our family. This is my second wedding, both my fiance and myself have been married before. But this time, we are marrying our soul mate, our best friend, and our love of a lifetime! With three children between us both, (his and hers, lol)our earnings go toward bills and the kids first. I am sure we are no different than any other deserving couple… Struggling, hardworking, dedicated couple who could use a break!! This would help tremendously to make our special day become more than what we could make of it alone. Thank you for your consideration to even graciously give a prize such as this…I know the lucky couple, whoever it may be, will be forever thankful for your generousity! Thank you and God Bless!

  29. If we could win this, it would help out so much. We’ve been waiting to get married for over three years, but things just keep getting in the way of it. I had gotten pregnant, so we had to hold off on getting married so we could save up for things for the baby. School started, so we had to spend $$ on my older son’s school supplies and uniforms. Bills and rent had to get paid also, so next thing we knew, it’s 3 years later. Now , we’re in a small hole but want to get married despite of it we have no one helping us out financially, so it’s a lil here, a lil there, paycheck to paycheck. I think we deserve this after so many obstacles have come our way and we’ve overcome them. I want a simple wedding cuz it’s all we can afford right now, so I’m fine with that.

    Thank you for your time.

  30. would be great to win, we dont have much to spend on wedding and honeymoon, this would help make our day more special!

  31. Going through a financial rough patch and this money would be such a blessing. Help us make this a special year.

  32. Please enter me in this contest. It would be really awesome to win this so I could actually have a nice wedding dress.

  33. Please enter me for the contest. It’d help me create the perfect wedding with a bit left over for our dream home

  34. Boy, what a wonderful contest! I’m a wedding and event planner. So when a planner gets married, sometimes we opt for simplicity. Seeing so many gorgeous details routinely makes decision making difficult. I think I’d used the $1,000 to hire another planner to plan a surprise wedding for us!

  35. Please enter me in this contest. I will be marrying the love of my life but at this time we barely have enough for a small backyard get together. This would help us out so much to have a wedding that we can tell our children about someday. Good luck to all the ladies on here, congrats to you all!

  36. Idk what I would spend it on but I sure would use it for something we need for the wedding we have been together for 10 years and are barely getting married and whatever we can get would be great

  37. There is so much this money could be used for. I love my fiance so much. We are going through some financial troubles and he has been so careing. I would want to use the money to make his day extra special.

  38. That would help us so much! After having a baby we don’t have much cash for our wedding :/ fingers crossed!

  39. After a terrible cycling crash resulting in two surgeries and a sustained head injury, my fiance and I are tying the knot this July. I feel so blessed to be marrying him and that he was not taken from us, and I would love to really honor him at our wedding. Because of his crash, he has been out of work for six months, and money has been tight. A groom’s cake and bachelor party aren’t really in our budget, but no one deserves it more than him. That’s precisely what I would use $1,000 for. Thanks for considering us. 🙂

  40. To make something simple mean something fantasic to those who matter the most on a small budget, for a disabled veteran it would mean so much more.

  41. I would use the money towards my wedding for deposits. We don’t really have the money to get married and we are trying our best to do this on our own because not to many people can help us because times are hard. We were going to get married in 2011 on Christmas Eve but we decided not to because money was short. Well, my lovely grandmother end up passing and it’s hard continuing with wedding plans when that’s the only grandparent you had. I have a part time job and he got laid off so this wedding will happen but, it’s not going to be easy. We really need the money and I pray that you will pick us because that will help our day in so many ways possible. Thank you!

  42. Please enter me into the draw if this is how you enter… It would help with deposits toward our tent, lighting, band, dj, and would free up the funds to ensure that we will have a ‘DD’ ride program to get everyone & their vehicles home safely after the memorable night! Especially since our wedding will be held on my Dads property about 15 mins from the city.

  43. $1000 would be great! I would use the money to pay for additional goodies for my guest. The money would definitely help because unfortunately I have to have back surgery this year and my copay is ridiculous. Any little bit of money will help towards my wedding.

  44. Thanks for the opportunity! Winning the contest would help us include more of our loved ones in our celebration!

  45. This $1,000 amount could make biggest difference in helping to afford our picture perfect wedding day in so many ways. This would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  46. I could totally use an extra $1,000 for all those little things that make a wedding special. I can’t wait until Nov 16th.

  47. Its those little details that make big difference. Thanks for helping make our big day extra special. Can’t wait!

  48. I’m so greatful to have such amazing parents and in laws to be that are able to help us out so if I were to win I’d use it to help take some of the burden off of them. If I don’t then congrats to the lucky bride to be that does. Hope you all have the wedding of your dreams! GOD Bless!!

  49. I would love to win the 1000 grand prize. I really need help with our wedding and its getting harder each day. This would be a true blessing for my family being that my mother can’t help me with my wedding. You dream of this day for so long and as it gets closer you wonder if it will be what you imagined. I hope you guys choose us because this money will make our dream wedding be a day to remember!

  50. My fiance and I are on a really really tight budget. At this point we are debating on whether or not to have just immediate family or to have our friends to join. I have not been able to work because of a resent knee surgery due to a sports injury, so that has been the most difficult/stressful situation. This money would be a huge blessing.

  51. I would be a great candidate to receive the 1000 grand prize. It’s not easy trying to have the wedding of your dreams when nobody can help you financially. My wedding has been held off for two years due to financial reasons and we don’t want to just go to the justice of the peace. It would be great and fortunate to get this money to help us with our wedding dreams and being a step closer to what we always wanted and needed….each other.

  52. Please enter us into to the drawing. This would be such a great help and make our day extra special. Thank you!

  53. I really need this money to help make my wedding what I would like it to be. We are on an extremely tight budget. Thank you.

  54. I am so happy that I found this website. Really happy process to plan wedding, also very stressful as we all are going through. I think we are all thankful to have extra cash coming into us.
    $1000 will make huge huge difference to the wedding!!

  55. i have been lucky enough to find true love. i was married once before and lets just say i have my heart and spirit destoryed when after 10 years i was traded in for a younger model. With a 14 month old daughter and my side i set out to put my life an spirit back together. after 4 years of being alone with my daughter, i asked god to give me someone to truly love me for me. and he answered my prayers. i not only got my soul mate, i also got someone who loves my daughter as much as i do. we have hit hard times been trying to save over 5 years to have a wedding, but life happens. it would be truly great to win and be able to celebrate our love with our whole family

  56. After 2 really bad relationships and 2 children, i have finally found the man i am going to spend the rest of my life with! We work really hard for what we have but barely make ends meet and this $1000.00 would make a great start to have the beautiful wedding we both dream of. Thank you in advance 🙂 And if i don’t win, i would like to say an early congratulations to the winner! Good luck everyone 🙂

  57. i would love to win, as like many others, have a very tight budget. i am trying to save but its hard when you don’t make alot. i just want to win so i can get a beautiful gown. i just would love to win something sometime and say it was from preownedweddinggowns i won it from. oh well, have a wonderful day. thanks for the opportunity.

  58. What a difference $1000 could make. Thank you for this chance to make our night what we’ve always dreamed it could be.

  59. Would help a lot if I win 1000 grand for my wedding. Currently I’m not working because I’m sick cant able to work so it is kinda tight in money to have a nice wedding with a nice dress. I wish I win 🙂 Thanks for such a great giveaway

  60. I’d really love to win because my fiancé and I are high school sweethearts, going on 13 years together, engaged for 6 years and I also had my engagement ri g stolen, we have two kids but can’t afford to get married. This would deffinitely help us to finally make the big day happen and a dream of mine come true.

  61. I just got engaged and would love to be entered into the contest. Do we enter only by commenting on this post or is there an entry form?

  62. I hope to make our night as well as my guests night extra special with some extra cash. Looking forward to an awesome year. Thanks for this opportunity.

  63. Please enter me to win. This would help with me and my fiance’s wedding and us trying to surprise my parents with a 30 year wedding renewal/ the wedding they never got to have.

  64. We have been engaged for 2 years but have to pay for our own wedding so saving up is taking a while. We are hoping to wed next fall. This would really help us build a day to celebrate our future together. Thanks for the entry.

  65. I am trying to win this so I can have a beautiful wedding. My Fiancé and I are paying for it on our own and this would be tons of help! Thank you!

  66. We really need this money. It will give us our day that you only get to do once and enjoy. Bless us with this gift of $1,000 so that we can have the wedding of our dreams.

  67. I keep clicking on the link to enter on facebook but anytime I see anything about the contest on your page when I click the link it brings me back to the blog, so I am not sure where to enter? But hopefully this will count as entry or someone can help me out! But I am currently getting married to the love of my life and we are responsible to pay for our own wedding. My dad is very sick and although my mom and dad would love to help us with the little that they could, it is not possible due to my dad becoming bed ridden due to parkinson’s and having to be placed in a nursing home. My mother’s finances will now be going towards medicaid and paying for the home. My fiance is an elementary teacher and I am a social worker, we make enough to survive but not so much to afford what we think is an affordable NJ wedding. 1k would be the biggest help that we would just cry! I hope I can win the contest and have a little help for our special day!

  68. Thank you so much for offering all of us, soon to be wives, the oppurtunity to win this reward! It is such a blessing to have companies and organzations that are devoted to helping us that are in need.

    I would like to include my entry. I met my fiance during a time where he was living with his dad, after a hard divorce, and was also expecting a little girl on the way (in addition to having two other children from marriage). We were good friends and we confided in each other for support. I was going through the loss of my mother to breast cancer (the only support system that I had). We became very close and decided that we were in love. Not long after the birth of his daugther, I found out that I was pregnant with my first son. We decided that is was best to move our family into our first home. So with financially taking care of 4 children and his mother (she moved in because she had no where else to go after being homeless) times are a bit diffucult for us right now. This blessing of the financial help, would be most appreicative. We have no one else helping with this wedding, and although, this is his second, this would be my first (and plan to be my only) wedding. We have been together for 3 years, and at 28 years old, even with the struggles that we deal with, I am blessed to have found my soulmate. Please consider me as a condidate for your contest.

    Thank you so much for your consideration and time,



  70. I would really love this opportunity to win something nice for my wedding. we are having just a very very small wedding, but, its our wedding. i don’t make alot of money so i could really use this. thank you, such a wonderful idea.

  71. Being that I’m a full time student, full time mom ,& work full time just to make ends meet in my home, this money would help me in so many ways. I knw I want to have a dream wedding but financially my possibilities are unlikely being that the average wedding cost over $20,000. I’m like I can’t even save money from a paycheck so how in the heck am I gonna get money to pay for this…all I’m leaning is saving my school refund checks to do something memorable & simple. So if I win I would definitely put this money on the weddings decor or maybe a photograher

  72. For a Bride To Be a chance at winning a prize like this, that is so simple to other people, is a chance at having that one must have but cant budget it in, dream come true prize… best of luck to everyone

  73. This website has helped make my dreams come true!! I know that it is doing the same for all of you!! Bless all of you!

  74. Omg what I can do with a 1000.00 dollars I’ve waited 37 years for this day and damn it sure is costing a lot. This could definitely come in handy!! For whoever does win congratulations! Have a wonderful wedding and a lifetime of happiness!

  75. $1000 prize will help us plan a day to remember & a lifetime to never foreget. Congrats to all the Bride & Grooms to be. ♥♥

  76. Can’t wait to be married. There are so many things that $1000 can buy. I hope to make my reception extra special not only for me but my family as well. Thanks!!!

  77. i hope i win because first be my first getting married the 1,000 will help me pay for my small wedding so pick me please 🙂

  78. have fun with everything, it would be nice to be picked, because i could use the money to buy my mans ring. just enjoy life, and love each other forever.

  79. I would love to be picked. Paying for my wedding on my own with the man I luv. Would help us out a lot. Getting married July 3 2013.

  80. I’ve dreamed of this day since I was a little girl! & for someone whose been raised in a small town the $1000 would be more than a blessing! I can’t wait to marry the love of my life & my best friend! With or without the $1000 even though it would help us soooo much!

  81. I can’t wait until Feb 12th. Would love $1000 to share with the love of my life. Thanks for the opportunity.

  82. This would mean the world to me!! I want to get married this summer but we barley have the money to live let alone have a wedding!! I have no problem with it being cheap or used!! Please please I would love you guys forever!!

  83. My fiancée is in the millitary we had planned a wedding but then found out I am pregnant with twins so we cannot afford a wedding and he will be deployed when I deliver we have the wedding planned for when he comes home this would help so much

  84. I recommended this site to my sister last year, and now I’m ENGAGED! I am so excited and I am absolutely purchasing my wedding dress from Pre Owned Wedding Dresses!!!

  85. thank you for this wonderful opportunity. i just want to get my love a beautiful wedding band, and that money would help get me one thats worth it for him. thanks god spped

  86. Planning a wedding is stress full and there are tones of little things that just keep adding up. I would love this opportunity to make this day extra special and $1000 will definitely help do that. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  87. Wishing everyone a lifetime of FUN…LOVE…& HAPPINESS! And a little bit of extra $$ doesn’t hurt either! 🙂

  88. oh for sure to have extra money to put towards something i can’t afford. i just want to buy my love, my best friend the ring i can’t afford to buy. thats all i want to get. thank you for this wonderful opportunity. god bless

  89. Last day and hoping my determination has paid off. Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity to help make dreams come true. 🙂

  90. Hope I get this great opportunity. This would mean a lot to our family which is taking the strain of the preparation. Thank you!

  91. To win this amazing offer would take such a strain off my fiancé and I plus our family since we are trying to plan a Tri-state wedding. Fiancé Dustin and I in New Orleans, out parents in Georgia and the wedding in Tennessee where my father and his side of the family are buried.

  92. Would love to have the opportunity to be able to have some extra money o spend for this special day.. My fiancé and I are using every penny we have and paying for this wedding ourselves.. Even bare necessities are considered a splurge on this budget. Thank you

  93. Please, please, please let me get what I want! This would HELP out SO MUCH! I am not a bride with a 30,000 budget:(

  94. College debt has really weighed my fiancé and I down but we are so in love and are ready to become husband and wife. My grandparents help as much as they can but this would just be so wonderful to have to put towards our big day!

  95. I’m a single mother on an extremely low budget… I am doing the best I can to marry the man of my dreams but he lives in Dominican Republic and both our incomes are low…I don’t need much but 1000 will help me make the perfect small wedding I am hoping for

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