Brides Say Yes To Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

With only 6% of brides considering wearing their mom’s dress, its no wonder that today’s bride views her gown differently than her mother’s generation.

Instead of saving their wedding dresses, 23% of brides today say they definitely will sell it.  And another 45% say they might. The reason? Forty-two percent say they want to share it with another bride. Another 26% sell their wedding dress for the money.

Brides today are equally eager to snap up pre-owned gowns.  Forty-two percent say they’ll buy pre-owned so they can get a designer dress for less.  And with the average savings on a used wedding dress at 58%, that can add up to serious savings for a bride on a budget.

No matter if you are a pre-owned buyer or seller, you can cut your wedding dress cost in half.  And still wear the dress of your dreams!