Alternative Wedding Dress Colors (Pics + Inspo)

Most of us think white when we think wedding dresses. But is it really that simple?

In truth, wedding dress colors are a lot more varied than many brides believe. There are several different shades of white, all of which can create distinctly different impressions. Beyond that, wedding dress designers are expanding their color options more and more, meaning you don’t have to settle for white or ivory if you don’t want to. 

Let’s explore some of the most common non-traditional wedding dress colors.



Silver is a brighter gray with a little bit more presence than grey itself. Silver wedding gowns are ethereal and romantic: perfect for a fantasy wedding.


Lavender gowns have recently come into vogue. These muted soft purple dresses usually have grey undertones. A lavender gown adds a touch of whimsy without going overboard. 


Grey wedding gowns put a grungy, boho twist on classic wedding day apparel. Choosing a grey wedding gown is an excellent way to make an avant-garde statement without completely abandoning subtlety.


Although red is on our list of alternative wedding dress colors, in some cultures it is actually the traditional choice. Indian brides often wear red when they walk down the aisle as white is usually reserved for funerals.


A black wedding dress is a staple of the goth or alternative bride. Choosing a black wedding gown often makes a conscious statement. What that statement means is entirely up to you.