A Modern Bride’s View On Wedding Dresses

Chances are your mom (and most of her friends) saved her wedding dress.  And chances are you (and most of your friends) didn’t ever seriously consider wearing Mom’s dress.

It’s a fact. Today’s bride is different from our mother’s generation.  The modern bride loves and values her wedding dress, but doesn’t see it as a sentimental keepsake.  She see it as something much too beautiful to be kept in a closet.  Something that another bride should get to enjoy. Now.

Brides today are selling their wedding dresses in record numbers (68% of brides say they definitely will, or will consider selling).  Not only that, 58% of sellers decided to sell the dress before they even wore it down the aisle themselves.

Its a sea change from a generation ago. And selling vs keeping is an attitudinal shift that’s here to stay.