Five Tips To Help You Sell Your Wedding Dress Faster

Since 2014 brides are beginning their dress searches now, fall is a great time to sell your wedding dress. If you’d like to pass your dress along to another happy bride (not to mention make some money back in the process), here are 5 tips to help you sell your gown faster.

1) A picture is worth a thousands words
This old saying is really true – and nothing will showcase your beautiful dress better than pictures. Include an image of the full front of your dress, as well one from the back and a close up on any detailing. Natural light is always best and a picture of someone wearing the gown is better than flat or an a hanger.

2) Details, details, details
When providing a description of the dress, write it as if the perspective buyer doesn’t know anything about the gown’s designer or style. Talk about the fit, the fabric and the weight of the dress. Include information about the alterations you made as well as any imperfections and if the gown has been cleaned.  The more information you can provide, the less questions a buyer will need to ask.

3) Price it right
Typically a used wedding dress, 2.5 years old or less, is worth about 50% of what you paid for it.  Other factors like the designer, condition, and if the gown has been dry-cleaned, will also influence the gown’s value. Use our Wedding Dress Value Calculator to get an estimate of what your wedding dress is worth.

4) Be social
Sharing your new wedding dress listing via your social circles is a great way to get it extra exposure. (You never know what friend of a friend has been eyeing up that exact style). So after you list your dress, spread the word with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels you use.

5) Transact safely
We always recommend that buyers and sellers use a safe payment service like paypal or  It protects both sides and also gives buyers confidence in the accuracy of your listing details.

You can create a wedding dress listing in minutes and quickly have it in front of thousands of potential buyers.  And we think that it’s much better for a gown to be loved and worn again, then to spend a lifetime in a closet, don’t you?