21 Fall-Themed Wedding Decorations You’ll Love

Embrace the autumnal season and infuse it into your wedding day. If you’re saying your “I do’s” throughout fall, why not pay homage to the atmosphere and use it to personalize and put a mark on your event?

Taking into considerations the colors, the flavors, and the feelings that the season brings us, we’re sharing 21 fall-themed wedding decorations you’ll love! And we think you’ll love them so much you just may utilize some of the options within your very own big day. Scroll through and take some notes!

21 Fall-Themed Wedding Decorations You’ll Love

Wheat Stalk Bouquets

Wheat Stalk Wedding Bouquets


Instead of going traditional, utilize the feelings of fall and grab some wheat. It is harvest season, after all, so infuse that rustic charm this time of the year holds so beautifully. Have your bridesmaids hold onto something a bit more textural – then turn around and use these to decorate the cake table!

Gilded Pumpkins

Gilded Pumpkins for a Wedding


Pumpkins are a must for your fall wedding. You don’t have to be kitschy, of course, but having a few sprinkled around the event pays a nice nod to the season. Of course, painting them gold or silver could push up the style a bit more than leaving them orange.

Unique Outdoor Seating

Unique outdoor wedding seating


Fall weddings are perfect for celebrating outside, but you may need a bit of extra cozy appeal, especially if you’re exchanging vows while the sun is setting. Some unique seating is a must and will add a warm, welcoming vibe to the scene.

Mason Jar Vases

mason jar wedding centerpiece vases


Mason jars are perfect to use as vases – and they’re inexpensive too for our DIY lovers. Use them to hold some fresh petals at the table. It’ll add just enough style to each top with a sweet, throwback spirit.

Autumnal Fruit & Veg

Fall fruit and veg centerpiece


Use these as bits and pieces to sprinkle around the vent. Great for centerpieces or to highlight the ceremony in different ways, use apples, cranberries, pears, and more to add color and texture to the day.

Leaf-Filled Arch

fall ceremony arch


How much more beautiful could your wedding ceremony get than with a fall-inspired, leaf-filled arch to set the entire event off. It’s natural, it’s organic, and the photos will be magical. And yes, it’s DIYable as well.

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights


Another way to route the romance is to hang some twinkle lights. Perfect for all seasons, especially those nights that have a bit more of a fairy-tale setting, thinking about setting off the big night with a few of these strands.

Bouts of Cotton

fall cotton wedding details


Include some in the bouquets or puffs in the centerpieces, cotton goes well with wheat too! This texture signifies fall and all of its comfort so well. If you’re looking for a unique texture for your inspired wedding, this is one to take a second look at.


wedding chalkboard


Chalkboards have a homey appeal, just like fall. Use these to showcase the menu, point the right way, or tell a fun, personalized story throughout the entire event. If you’re looking to build a more welcoming big day, use a few of these.


fall wedding welcome with apple cider


There’s something extra special about a welcome for your guests to enjoy. And for fall events, some hot apple cider could do the trick. Add some comfy seating and other options for an enjoyable way to the main celebration.

Lace Additions


Lace is another good texture to throw into the decorations for your fall weddings. In fact, it looks especially nice on the tabletops, especially with some fresh petals thrown around. If you’re looking for vintage or rustic visions throughout the season, choose to go with this fabric.

Plaid Anywhere

fall wedding plaid on the tables


Whether it’s on the tables, on the groomsmen, or even on the seats at the ceremony, plaid is quintessentially autumn, so utilize it. It’s especially nice when there’s a chill in the air. Nix tradition and think outside-the-box.

Bare Branches

fall branches floating in vases


Fall evokes a feeling of organics and nature. Use that bit as inspiration! Whether it’s the tables or some bare chandeliers, branches can be turned into a lot of great pieces to dawn the nooks and crannies of the day.

Wedding Wreaths

fall wedding wreaths


You can use these all year round but we find them especially beautiful to top off your autumnal events. Extra-large ones work great as photo-ops and the smaller ones can mark the doors, arches, mantles, and windows quite nicely as well.

Leafs Along the Aisle

fall wedding leafs on the aisle


Cover the aisle with your favorite symbol of fall. Crunching and colorful leaves can fill up the aisle so beautifully. Instead of rose petals, utilize the season! Real or faux can work, just take your pick and use the easiest option.

Sunflower Cake

sunflower wedding cake


Keep the cake simple and then set it off with some sunflowers; the flower of the season. The color is striking and the petals are bold. The tables could use the happy boost!

Candle Votives

fall wedding candle votives


Fall is full of romance. Why not emphasize that fact by adding a variety of candle votives to amp up that romantic charm? All throughout the reception and ceremony, you can sprinkle them.

Pumpkin Vases

pumpkin vases for a wedding


A perfect DIY project, for you or the most creative person you know, these pumpkin vases are beautiful additions to the reception tables. Stuff them with fresh florals or varying textures. You can even paint them white – or only use white gourds – for a chicer finish.

Industrial Lighting

industrial fall wedding lighting


Think outside-the-box in terms of lighting as well. Edgy vibes and cozy appeals work well within this month, so think about adding some of these kinds of fixtures to the event. Over the reception tables or even inside of the ceremony.

Pumpkin Table Garland

pumpkin table garland


Gather up your gourds and turn them into a garland for your tables. This works especially well for those that chose to do with family style seating. And it’s a beautiful way to utilize the season’s most well-known bit.

Fall Leaf Escort Cards

leaf escort cards for fall


Do something a bit more unique with your escort or place cards. Use leaves in their place! Color them all the same – a gilded autumn tone – or use their original shades depending on your theme. You can DIY these in an afternoon!